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HPAC/ACVL Motion 2006-09-10 Mb 1 - Vincent Vaillancourt PG Tandem 2

Date Proposed:2006-09-10
Proposed by:Gerry Grossnegger
Expiry Date:2006-09-17
Seconded by:first voter other than proposer
Voting Begins:upon seconding by first vote
Voting Closes:2006-09-17

To award Vincent Vaillancourt a PG Tandem 2 rating.

100% [ 6 ] Bruce Busby, Cas Wolan, Domagoj Juretic, Gerry Grossnegger, Kevin Thomson, Michael Fuller
0% [ 0 ]
0% [ 0 ]
did not vote [ 1 ] Mike Miller

Result: Passed.

Related Information:

430-0 HPAC/ACVL Tandem Endorsement Program -

Requirement to Obtain a Tandem II Endorsement

  1. In order to qualify for a HPAC/ACVL Tandem II endorsement for hang gliding or paragliding, instructors must meet the following requirements:
    1. hold a HPAC/ACVL instructor or senior instructor certification;
    2. have at least 100 tandem flights as pilot-in-command;
    3. assists a Tandem II instructor in conducting a Tandem I seminar.
((new) 7d) letter of motivation to the BoD)

Re: Requirement 7a)

personal info
First NameVincent
Last NameVaillancourt
Membership Expiry8-Jul-2007
Date Waiver Signed11-May-2005
First Aid Cert Expiry16-Aug-2009
Latest Annual Report2005
HAGAR Number5802-900456
HAGAR Date-null-
PG Inst Cert Expiry18-Sep-2007


Re: Requirement 7c)

PG courses taught & attended
courseStart DateEnd DateContactContact NameCourse TypeTaughtAssistedPassed
200 31-Dec-2002370Francois ThibodeauPG Instructor Certification CourseFalseFalseYes
213 1-Apr-2004370Francois ThibodeauPG Tandem SeminarFalseFalseYes
222 12-Apr-2004370Francois ThibodeauPG Tandem SeminarFalseFalseYes
243 18-Sep-2004370Francois ThibodeauPG Instructor Certification CourseFalseFalseYes
34119-Apr-20061-Jun-2006370Francois ThibodeauPG Tandem SeminarFalseYesYes

NamePG RatingsFirst Aid Certificate ExpiryMembership ExpiryPG Inst Certification ExpiryHAGAR #
Francois ThibodeauAdvanced, Senior Instructor, Tandem 231/05/0913/02/0713/11/085802-329315
Vincent VaillancourtAdvanced, Instructor, Tandem 116/08/0908/07/0718/09/075802-900456

Re: Requirement for letter of motivation:

St-Paul d’Abbotsford
August 20th 2006

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Vincent Vaillancourt owner of Distance Vol Libre FlyingSchool (one of the biggest schools in Canada). Each year, we dohundreds of tandem flights for new clients.

As recommended by the board, I am submitting to you my request for atandem 2 rating. Here in Quebec there are a lot of people that wouldlike to be able to get their Tandem 1 rating. Since there are not manypeople in Quebec that have their Tandem 2 rating, this becomesdifficult for these people to obtain this goal.

I know that with my expertise and experience I have as an instructorand tandem pilot, I would be an excellent candidate to become a Tandem2 instructor. I have over 500 tandem flightsand 10 years of experience in free flying.

I would be very proud to be able to certify new pilots, giving them asecure and complete course. For me, the most important point whenteaching the students is the importance of security in flight. I wantto pass on to them my experience and knowledge.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Vincent Vaillancourt
Distance Vol Libre

Re: Requirement 7b)

Vincent Vaillancourt. Tandem list (partial)

29-May-05Bruno Lessard24-Jul-05Luc Doucet15-Jul-06Evelyne Côté
04-Jun-05Chantal Lamothe24-Jul-05Sylvie Parent15-Jul-06Jean Valiquette
05-Jun-05Sylvain Gaboury26-Jul-05Johanne St-Laurent15-Jul-06Jean Veilleux
11-Jun-05Luc Poirier30-Jul-05Martin Vaillancourt16-Jul-06Pierre Boyer
11-Jun-05Michel Gouin04-Aug-05Christian Gosselin16-Jul-06Yvan Fontaine
19-Jun-05M. Boucher04-Aug-05Clément Soucy22-Jul-06Jean-Francois Martel
26-Jun-05Alexandre Young04-Aug-05Guillanme Gendron23-Jul-06Dalhia Virgal
26-Jun-05Annie Carignan06-Aug-05Christian Desbiens24-Jul-06Pierre Francoeur
28-Jun-05Catherine Dagenais06-Aug-05Claude Paradis26-Jul-06Michel Poirier
30-Jun-05Kali Dagenais11-Aug-05Georgette Bacon28-Jul-06Solange Gagné
03-Jul-05Bernard Delizle11-Aug-05Guylaine Pineault29-Jul-06Carole Phiot
03-Jul-05Françis dailgle11-Aug-05Michel Babin29-Jul-06Michel Leclerc
03-Jul-05Marjolaine Lussier11-Aug-05Patrick Legault29-Jul-06Suzanne Marcoux
03-Jul-05Paméla15-Aug-05Pierette Paradis29-Jul-06Sylvain Lévesque
04-Jul-05Annie Dupuis18-Aug-05Robert Blouin29-Jul-06Virginie Côté
04-Jul-05Arianne Gruet18-Aug-05Stéphane Carier30-Jul-06Martine Roy
04-Jul-05Josée Forget22-Aug-05Dominique messier30-Jul-06Telmo Oliviera
10-Jul-05Chistelle Brun23-Aug-05Isabelle Guertin05-Aug-06Adam
13-Jul-05Ludovic Isabelle23-Aug-05Michel Dufour05-Aug-06Laurraine Gagné
16-Jul-05Carole Larrivière23-Aug-05Patrick Lemieux 06-Aug-06Stéphane Gravel
16-Jul-05Christin Udessen23-Aug-05Simon Paquette09-Aug-06Diane Pelletier
16-Jul-05Dominique Gileau24-Aug-05Roger Julien11-Aug-06Jean-Pierre Auger
16-Jul-05France Dubord26-Aug-05Éliane Ducroux14-Aug-06Sylvain Déziel
16-Jul-05Jean Ricard26-Aug-05Isabelle Leduc16-Aug-06Marie Claude Ouimet
16-Jul-05Luc Réginal26-Aug-05Marie-Josée Bernard18-Aug-06Julie Pehlemann
16-Jul-05Michelle brousseau29-Aug-05Julie Cormier19-Aug-06Caroline Gamache
20-Jul-05Jesse Robert29-Aug-05Marie-Josée Dulude19-Aug-06Danielle Côté
20-Jul-05Marco Picard29-Aug-05Tomas Forest19-Aug-06Mélissa Warten
20-Jul-05Paul Rainville30-Aug-05Bernard Gendron19-Aug-06Roxanne Caron
20-Jul-05Vincent Degarie03-Sep-05Yolande Mélancon25-Aug-06Marjolaine Rousseau
23-Jul-05Claudine Deschesne29-May-06Roger Bouthier26-Aug-06Anne-Marie Clusiau
23-Jul-05Francois Laplante14-Jun-06Julie Labreque26-Aug-06Donald trudel
23-Jul-05Marc Olivier Blais19-Jun-06Patrick Richard26-Aug-06Josée marcheterre
24-Jul-05Aurel Wisse03-Jul-06Suzanne Paquette26-Aug-06Suzanne Michaud
24-Jul-05Louis Pineiro

(103 listings)

François Thibodeau:

I recommend Vincent Vaillancourt for his PG Tandem II rating.

He meets all the criteria for this rating. He is safety oriented, very skilled and demonstrate a great maturity when teaching to others.

He has been managing DVL and its team of instructors for the past 4 seasons with a great sense of responsibility.

I have known him for over 10 years and I am very confident that he will take this new responsability very seriously.

You will find attached his letter of motivation as requested by the board of directors.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.
François Thibodeau ing., MBA
Tél: (514) 288 8778

HPAC/ACVL Motion 2006-11-06 Sk - Acceptance of PRD 420

Date Proposed:Nov. 6, 2006
Proposed by:Cas Wolan
Expiry Date:Nov. 20, 2006
Seconded by:first voter other than proposer - Gerry Grossnegger
Voting Begins:upon seconding by first vote
Voting Closes:Nov. 20, 2006 - voting completed: Nov. 11, 2006

Motion: To accept PRD 420 and change it's status from "Draft".


71% [ 5 ] Bruce Busby, Cas Wolan, Domagoj Juretic, Gerry Grossnegger, Kevin Thomson
28% [ 2 ] Michael Fuller, Mike Miller
0% [ 0 ]

Results: passed.

HPAC/ACVL Motion 2006-11-02 MB 1 - Normand Michaud HG T2

Date Proposed:2006-11-02
Proposed by:Gerry Grossnegger
Expiry Date:2006-11-16
Seconded by:first voter other than proposer
Voting Begins:upon seconding by first vote
Voting Closes:2 weeks after seconding

To grant Normand Michaud, HPAC/ACVL Member #232, a Hang Gliding Tandem 2 endorsement.


100% [ 7 ] Bruce Busby, Cas Wolan, Domagoj Juretic, Gerry Grossnegger, Kevin Thomson, Michael Fuller, Mike Miller
0% [ 0 ]
0% [ 0 ]

Result: Passed, unanimous.

Related Information:


Requirement to Obtain a Tandem 2 Endorsement

  1. In order to qualify for a HPAC/ACVL Tandem 2 endorsement for hang gliding or paragliding, instructors must meet the following requirements:
    1. hold a current HPAC/ACVL Instructor or Senior Instructor certification - requirement fulfilled
    2. have logged at least 100 tandem flights as pilot-in-command (submit a list of names & dates) - requirement fulfilled
    3. assist a Tandem 2 instructor in conducting a Tandem 1 seminar - requirement fulfilled
    4. have the recommendation of a Tandem 2 instructor (in the same activity: HG or PG) - requirement fulfilled
    5. write a letter of application to the HPAC/ACVL Board of Directors - requirement fulfilled
    6. be approved by the HPAC/ACVL Board of Directors - pending acceptance of this motion

7a) hold a current HPAC/ACVL Instructor or Senior Instructor certification

First NameNormand
Last NameMichaud
Membership Expiry25-Apr-2007
Date Waiver Signed13-May-2005
First Aid Cert Expiry28-Feb-2008
Latest Annual Report2004
HAGAR Number2802-729453
HAGAR Date3-May-1994
HG Inst Cert Expiry13-Nov-2008


instructor & tandem ratings
HG InstructorInstructor
HG TandemTandem 1

7b) have logged at least 100 tandem flights as pilot-in-command (submit a list of names & dates)

2006-07-15Marie-France Labbé26-AugRachel Latendresse
Florence GuilletJaël Payer
23-JulKatie McNicollsKarine Robillard
Élisabeth ArbourJean-Marie Robillard
Manon Déragon31-AugMarie-Maude Côté
29-JulÉric GuertinClaude Martineau
Yves Tremblay01-SepJérémy Déragon
Liane Larose03-SepRoxanne Bélanger
Chantal MercierDenis Maillot
Véronique LangGilles Normand
30-JulJohan RattéBernard Borduas
Richard ClermontNicolas Michaud
Mireille Lévesque10-SepJacinthe Duval
02-AugGeneviève DelormeSandra Durand
Yves D'ArcyArianne Beaulieu
Marie MichaudLuc Courchesne
05-AugYves AllardBenoit Campeau
Denis LeclercStéphane Breault
Olier PerreaultAlexandre Tremblay
Denis CordeauMélanie Bergeron
Louise Cordeau16-SepThomas Adams
06-AugCharles-Hugo NormandJonathan Paquette
Suzie DionAudrey D'Aigle
09-AugAndré CharbonneauCatherine Hallé
Pascal Déragon17-SepSylvain Savard
11-AugDominique BrunetFrancine Lessard
12-AugPatrick RainvilleChristian Custeau
Aurore CholletJean-François Desgagné
Éliane Limbart30-SepJulie Blais
Lisa GhirottoMarie-Claudine Dalpé
Sylvain CôtéDominic Chartier
Valérie LapierreCaroline Ross
Nicolas LangloisNicolas Hohn
Laurent CôtéSimon Deschesne
Anick Kerrien07-OctFrancine Fontaine
13-AugCaroline FortinMélissa Fontaine
Martine DuboisDominique Labelle
Yves Lechasseur08-OctSophie Leal Boléa
Marie-ève DionneHélène Létourneau
14-AugMarie-ève DucharmeLise Gosselin
18-AugMaryse PoudrierGinette Cloumard
Mathieu BarbeyracNathalie Perreault
19-AugLéa Ledoux09-OctLuc Robert
René BlouinSimon Crépin
Bruno BerkericIan Bélanger
Suzanne DuhaimePierre-Paul Giroux
Richard Séguin15-OctMike Duhaime
26-AugMartin Lapierre21-OctMyriam Forêt
René MichelLouise Larche
22-OctYves Brien

There are 100 flights listed above.
Witness for all flights: Éric Paquette
I am assuming that flights without a listed date were done on the same date as the flight above it.

7c) assist a Tandem 2 instructor in conducting a Tandem 1 seminar

courses taught & attended
courseattendeesContactContact NameStart DateEnd DateEventTypeIDCourse TypeTaughtAssistedPassed
3004370Francois Thibodeau28-May-053HG Tandem SeminarnoYesyes

7d) have the recommendation of a Tandem 2 instructor (in the same activity: HG or PG)

2006-09-25 10:15 PM:

I would like to follow up on Normand Michaud HG T2 rating.
I had sent the recommendation a long time ago with his letter of motivation.
The course was given in the spring of 2005 and my recommendation was sent in at the end of 2005 if I recall correctly.
Best regards

2006-09-26 11:05 AM:

I found the date of the recommendation for Normand. See the email below: November 16 2005.

The instructor recertification course was given on november 12 2005 and the HG tandem course was given on mai 28 2005.
with Francois Dussault and Eric Olivier.
I have attached the fax that was sent for Normand to John Burk.
Thanks and Regards
François Thibodeau ing., MBA

7e) write a letter of application to the HPAC/ACVL Board of Directors

HPAC/ACVL vote 2006-11-07 - funding for seminar attendance

This seminar is in Marlene's area, and she's asked if we'd like her to attend and if so if we'd spring the $30 fee. Should we? Could knowing more about this stuff be useful?

Directors' and Officers' Liability and Beyond
Topics covered:
* The legal duties of Directors and Officers of Charities and Not-for-Profits
* Due diligence in avoiding risks for Directors and Officers of Charities and Not-for-Profits
* How to avoid legal liability in Fundraising

As a result of statutory and common law developments, directors and officers of charitable and not-for-profit corporations are more exposed to personal liability for their own actions or inactions, as well as joint and several liability with other members of the board of directors for errors that may occur in the operation of their organizations. This comprehensive seminar will provide an overview of the extent of liability being faced by directors and officers of charities and not-for-profit organizations and the steps that can be taken to reduce their exposure to liability.

Presented by: Terrance S. Carter, B.A., LL.B. - please read attached flyer for Terrance's bio

Date: November 28, 2006
Time: 9:00am-noon
Location: Churchill Centre Room, Holiday Inn, 20 Fairview Rd. Barrie
Cost: $30.00

To Register: Contact Cathy Barlow
Program Manager, Training and Consulting Services
United Way of Greater Simcoe County
136 Bayfield Street, Suite 100
Barrie, ON
L4M 3B1
Phone: (705) 726-2301 ext. 29
Fax: (705) 726-4897


Terrance Carter, as the Managing Partner of Carters, practices in the area of charity and not-for-profit law. Lexpert and The Best Lawyers in Canada have recognized Mr. Carter as one of the leading experts in the area of charity, trust and not-for-profit law in Canada. Mr. Carter is also a registered Trade-mark Agent and acts as legal counsel to the Toronto office of the national law firm Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP on charitable matters.

Mr. Carter is a member of the Technical Issues Committee of CRA’s Charities Directorate representing the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), a past member of Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Charity Advisory Committee, and the Uniform Law Conference of Canada Task Force on Uniform Fundraising Legislation, Past Chair of the Charity and Not-for-Profit Law Sections of both the CBA and Ontario Bar Association (OBA), a member of the Government Relations Committee of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP), a past director and founding member of the Christian Legal Fellowship and was the 2002 recipient of the AMS - John Hodgson Award of the OBA. He is also a member of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and the American Bar Association Tax Exempt Section, and has participated in consultations with the Public Guardian and Trustee of Ontario, the Charities Directorate of CRA, and was a member of the Anti-terrorism Committee of the CBA in its submission to Parliament.

Mr. Carter has written numerous articles and been a frequent speaker on legal issues involving charities and not-for-profit organizations for the Law Society of Upper Canada, the CBA, the OBA, the Association of Fund Raising Professionals, the American Bar Association, the CAGP, the Canadian Tax Foundation, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Canadian Society of Association Executives, the New York University School of Law, the University of Ottawa Faculty of Common Law, Ryerson University’s Voluntary Sector Management Program, and the University of Waterloo Master of Tax program. He is a coeditor of Charities Legislation & Commentary, 2006 Edition (LexisNexis Butterworths), a contributing author to the Primer for Directors of Not-for-Profit Corporations (Industry Canada), and The Management of Charitable and Not-for-Profit Organizations in Canada (LexisNexis Butterworths),and co-author of Branding & Trade-Marks Handbook for Charitable and Not-For-Profit Organizations (LexisNexis Butterworths). Mr. Carter is also the editor of, and a contributor to, Charity Law Bulletin, and Anti-Terrorism and Charity Law Alert, and the websites,,, and, as well as Chair of the annual Church & Charity Law™ Seminar.

PRACTICE AREAS: Charity and Not-for-Profit Law, Fundraising, Gift Planning, International Strategic Planning, Intellectual Property, and Charity Tax and Trusts

EDUCATION: B.A. (Joint Honours), and McGill University Scholar, McGill, 1975 LL.B., Osgoode Hall Law School, 1978

CALL TO THE BAR: Ontario Bar, 1980

CONTACT INFO:, Tel: (519) 942-0001 x222, Fax: (519) 942-0300

Should we cover the attendance fee?
100% [ 5 ] Bruce Busby, Cas Wolan, Domagoj Juretic, Gerry Grossnegger, Kevin Thomson
0% [ 0 ]
Did not vote [ 2 ] Michael Fuller, Mike Miller
Users Voted : 5
Total Votes : 5
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