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Minutes of April 16.

  • 1. Convened 8:40 AM, April 16, 2005.
    • a. Introductions
    • b. Establish time line
    • c. Additions
    • d. Minutes of last meeting
      MOTION To approve the On-Line minutes of the 2004 meeting
      Proposed- Mike Miller
      Seconded- Cas Wolan
      Vote: Unanimous
      Discussion: Addendum to endowment fund SOP 550 not on the list but was passed
    • e. Business arising from minutes: Concern about getting committee reports in a timely manner.
    • f. Presidents address: Promotion Concerns
    • h. Business managers Report: Business Manager Burk presenting.
      Administration Log-deals with 4-600 messages per month.
      Waiver Compliance-100% in all provinces except Quebec. Dom. will work on improving Quebec’s numbers
      Media Promotion-discussion of the possibility of hiring a new employee. Possibly through a school emplacement program to set-up a media events and promotion for a work term student.
      Master Plan- Create an accessible/ interactive schedule on the HPAC web site. The HPAC- program has one we can set up
      Reorganization of Business Manager’s Office.
      Log jams-None
      Charitable Status-can possibly be achieved if we apply as a sporting organization.
      Vacation for Business Manager? Is there a back-up- Yes. Cas Wolan and Gerry monitor and can step in if needed
      Are we contravening the Privacy act by retaining information?
      Updates from Business Manager to BOD. -re: business, number in HPAC, load on Business Manager
    • i. Presentation of Year-end Accounts: Charles Matheson presenting.
      Discussion: Money held in 1.9% GIC, 1 yr. Renewable due Nov.
      Business Manager is Secondary Treasurer. Needs full time access or right of acct.s payable

      MOTION: To make the accounts payable the responsibility of the Business Manager.
      Proposed: Bruce Busby
      Seconded: Gerry
      Vote: Unanimous
      Action: Mike Miller to update job description of Business Manager.
      Charles Matheson. Business Manager will need copies of Bank Statements.
      Mike Miller will send a copy of motion to the president.

      Discussion: Decision to make the payments to the provincial associations an annual event to be paid on the 15th of April each year.

      Discussion of the balance sheet found some errors – no invoice for auditor
      Endowment fund not included
      Survol/Air subscription mix-up
      World team comp funds
      No FAI sporting license cost
      Need to change wording of “insurance” to “document fee.”

      Action: Web Team to change all HPAC based wordings for insurance
      Action: Web Team to look into domain registration fee, paypal costs to users and HPAC
      Action: Web Team to include temporary members into website. Business Manager to update names.
      Action: Budget tabled until hard copy and corrections completed.
  • 2. IAC Report and Discussion: 1400hrs. Peter Darian-Varzeliotis presenting
    See report in appendices.

    Discussion: Make it easier to track instructor’s numbers and their student rebate.
    Actions: Peter Darian-Varzeliotis/Business Manager to redesign HPAC registration forms to include:
    a. Instructors Name
    b. HPAC #

    Discussion: Concern about student pilots having no registered insurance.
    Action: Business Manager will monitor non-rated members.

    Discussion: Redo the Novice and Advance tests. Establish an intermediate test. Reset to 100 flight limits for both para. And hang Advanced and Senior Ratings
    Action: Peter Darian-Varzeliotis will write an intermediate HG exam.
    Action Glenn Derouin will be asked to write an intermediate PG exam.

    Discussion: HAGAR and possible inability to pass medical deference for class G airspace.
    Action: Refer to Andre Nadeau as TC Liaison.

    Discussion: Exams for HG and PG can be accessed together on the web.
    Action: Web Team to separate the PG from HG as per instructors “glider” skill.

    Discussion: Apprentice instructor manual should be instated.
    Action: Set a 15-hour pre-instructor course, and 15 hour post instructor course instead of a full length course for re-certifying. Create mandatory reading for instructors.
  • 3. Safety Report: 1650 hrs. Fred Wilson Presenting
    See report in appendices

    Discussion: Accident reports are to prevent recurrences through analysis
    Risk management needed. Every school should have a plan based on local knowledge
    Action: All instructors should be directed to TC website on Risk Management

    Discussion: Events are covered by HPAC. We should change the “Competition Rulebook” to a ‘Events Rulebook.”
  • 4. Continuation of Safety Officer Discussion: Was Fred ever reappointed as safety director;
    Action: Mike Miller to consult with Judith/others about any official appointment for Fred Wilson
  • 5. Continuation of IAC Report.8: 30 Peter Darian-Varzeliotis presenting.
    MOTION: Add the three recommendations from the IAC Report to the Tandem 2 SOP 430.
    Have the recommendation of a Tandem 2 instructor in the same activity
    Write a letter of application to the HPAC/ACVL BOD
    Be approved by the HPAC/ACVL BOD
    Proposed Peter Darian-Varzeliotis
    Seconded: Gerry Grossnegger
    One Abstain: Domagoj Juretic , Quebec. Needs more consultation with Quebec’s instructors before implementation of new rules
    Added to SOP 430 2006-09-16.
  • 6. Continuation of Budget. Charles Matheson 10:40 hrs
    Tabled for ongoing discussion on on-line meeting

    Discussion: To set up a AQVL paypal account to transfer money belonging to HPAC from their accounts to HVAC’s
    Action: Discussion between John and AQVL authorities will set this up ASAP

    Discussion: Develop and set a marketing budget
    Investigate other marketing investments. I.e.…t-shirts, hats…
  • 7. Web Team Report: Presented by Judith Newman, 11:20 hrs
    See Appendices

    Discussion: Phil D’Eon has resigned as head of the web team.
    MOTION: Appoint Judith Newman as new Project Manager
    Proposed: Gerry
    Seconded: Cas Wolan
    Vote: Unanimous

    Discussion: There is a need for a content manager for the website.
    It has been observed that too many different people maintain different parts of the web. Charles Matheson is considered the “engine” while Gerry is the appearance manager.
    We need some input from Quebec; a web volunteer has been requested.
    Action: Dom was going to find someone from the Quebec region.
  • 8. Air Editor Report: See Apendices –11:50hrs.
    The report states that James is looking into more colour for the magazine.

    Discussion: Possibility of newsstand distribution if we can increase advertising revenue.

    Discussion: look into government programs to pay for translation into French.
    Action: Michael Fuller will investigate.
  • 9. CIVL Report: See Appendices 12:10hrs.
  • 10. Competition Report: see appendices 12:20hrs
    It was agreed to accept the nominations for two competition awards:
    1. Lew Neilson - Brett Hazlett
    2. Willi Muller - Will Gadd
    Discussion: To review the PRD (SOP 630?) and/or create a system for the awarding of these honours.
    Action: Bruce Busby will develop the PRD.
  • 11. Committee of Canadian Competition: Rulebook update

    Discussion: A move to update the Canadian Competition rulebook has been underway by Mark Dowsett.
    It was agreed that it is long overdue.
    Action: The BOD would poll three people to oversee this work:
    1. Mark Dowsett
    2. Nicole McLearn
    3. Doug Keller
    Discussion: To keep Bernard Winkleman as chair of the competition committee.
    Action; New Chair needed
    MOTION: To appoint Doug Keller as chair of the competition committee
    Proposed: Bruce
    Seconded: Cas Wolan
    Vote: Unanimous
    Action: Doug will contact Mark for the committee
    Michael Fuller will contact Bernard.
  • 12. Insurance Report: See Appendices
    Discussion: A need for plain language be included in the card renewal to John.
    Action: To be reviewed by Mike Miller
    Accepted by consensus.
  • 13. Transport Canada Liaison Report: See Appendices
    Discussion; Whether we need to consider powered paragliding.
    Action: It is presently under the control of ultra light aircraft, and it should stay there.
    Accepted by consensus.
  • 14. Awards:
    Solid Ground Award: See SOP 530-0.
    Discussion: Amend the wording of the PRD to clarify it is for non-participants of the sport.
    Create a plaque for the recipients
    Five valid nominations were considered:
    1. Babinol: HPAAC
    2. Flegel: MHGA
    3. Coldstream Ranch: OSA (Jane Hunt)
    4. Staff of Land and Water BC: WCSC
    5. Spielstra: SOGA
    MOTION: To accept all 5 nominees to the Solid Ground Award.
    Proposed: Cas Wolan
    Seconded: Gerry
    Vote: Unanimous
    Action: For each presentation try to aquire photos for AIR.

    Jamie Christensen Award:
    1. Stewart Midwinter; 5 votes
    2. Fred Wilson; 1 vote
    MOTION: To accept Stewart Midwinter the Jamie Christensen award.
    Proposed: Bruce
    Seconded: Cas
    Vote: Unanimous

    Cliff Kakish Award:
    1. Margit Nance; 6 votes
    2. Rob Samplonius;
    MOTION: To accept Margit Nance as the recipient of the Cliff Kakish award.
    Proposed: Mike Miller
    Seconded: Dom
    Vote Unanimous
  • 15. New Business:
    • Travel Expenses Request: The safety officer requested that his expenses be covered for this ADM.
      Discussion: The safety officer is not a member of the BOD, and only his report was necessary.
      MOTION: To supply 50% of the safety officers travel expenses for this ADM
      Proposed: Cas
      Seconded: Gerry
      Vote: Defeated
      For -2
    • Board Development: Concerns with regards to Bill C-45 and whether the HPAC BOD are liable.
      Discussion: According to c-45, if we are “directing work and/or activity” we might be liable for paragliding activities
      Action: Mike Miller will check the insurance policy to see if it will cover the association for legal costs or liability actions against it.
    • Location of The 2006 ADM:
      1. BC
      2. Quebec
      3. Manitoba
      Action: Dom would enquire as to the possibility of holding it in Quebec.
    • Situation with Mt Tremblent, Que.
      Discussion: Mt. Tremblent is a limited open site for pilots who meet minimum skill and experience requirements. The President and administrator for flying on Tremblent has filed a complaint against another member who is teaching but not listed as an instructor (as of April 16, 2005)
      Action: Peter will write a letter to Richard in Quebec about HPAC insurance non-compliance
      Mike says…I am confused over this one, can someone please straighten me out????
    • Tow Manual: A request by CIVL to place our tow manual on their website
      Discussion: Gerry developed it.
      Action: We will keep it on our web site and keep it as a HPAC resource available to all who request it
    • Local Support:
      Discussion: Continuing problems between a school and a club in BC
      Action: Bruce will talk to both parties and see if he can broker a solution
    • Tow originator request for funds
      Discussion: To make towing allowed in Canada an individual worked very hard and spent much time and money with Transport Canada to get a tow exemption for Hang Gliders in Canada.
      Action: Bruce and John would look into the details and report back to the BOD as to the specific amount.
    • Fee Structures: Mention was made of making the provincial fees paid an option on the HPAC registration form.
      Discussion: Provincial fee is set by the provincial membership. Any change would have to come from them.
      Action: No action
    • Qu'Appelle Valley: Control of this site is very local. Gerry, what was this about??
    • OLC: Why do we pay Sweden for a competition format we can develop ourselves?
      Discussion: The OLC exposes Canadian pilots to a form of friendly, international competition. By using a standard, international format we can easily be part of the worlds flying community.
    • Endowment Fund: Add another $5000 to the fund this year?
      Discussion: Where do we invest it?
      Could we use the money for the marketing/promotion of the sport instead.
      Action: Tabled .
    • Marketing/Promotion of the Sport.
      Discussion: Should we hire a marketing promotion person from a student placement program/ Sheridan college in Toronto offers this with 45% paid by the government.
      It would increase our exposure in Canada.
      Would create a media management for events
      Would assist in marketing/ fundraising.
      MOTION: To develop a marketing Strategy for HPAC in Canada.
      Proposed: Bruce
      Seconded: Peter
      Vote: Unanimous
    • MOTION: For Bruce to chair the marketing committee
      Proposed: Gerry
      Seconded: Dom
      Vote Unanimous

      Discussion: Members on the committee could include:
      1. Cas Wolan
      2. Troy ?
      3. Mike Miller
      4. Dom
      Budget proposed to be up to $10,000 total
      Action: Report to be filed within a month.
    • Elections this Year: Areas due for elections this year:
      1. BC/Yukon
      2. Saskatchewan
      3. Ontario
      4. Atlantic Region
      Action: John to put announcements in this coming issue of AIR.
      Need to adjust SOP 205 to reflect the timing of announcements.
    • Master Plan: Will need to be automated
      Action MANTIS is part of the HPAC web program and can be adjusted to do this
    • Instructor Ratings: if Senior or Instructor ratings are to be with held a reason must be given by the BOD
    • AGM: The AGM needs to be before the end of June.
      Action: John will create a mail out for this years AGM.

Meeting Adjorned
Action : Drink beer and go flying! (but maybe not in that order...)
Agreed by consensus.

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