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July 30 2005

Safety Related

Transportation Safety Board of Canada

  1. Transportation Safety Board of Canada Contacts
  2. Investigation Process
  3. The Confidential Reporting System
  4. TSB Acts and Regulations
  5. Standards and Policies
Transport Canda
  1. Occupational Health and Safety Program
  2. Hidden in an article by TC about avoiding Bird Strikes in the "Sharing the Skies Manual" (TP13549 E) is an excellent short, article on the general application of Due Dilligence
  3. Progressive Disciplinary Measures
  4. Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (AVC)
  5. HPAC's Assurance of Voluntary Compliance Form-26-0614 (Word .doc)
Bill C-45 A plain language guide - Amendments to the Criminal Code affecting the Criminal Liability of Organizations.

Flight 2005 - A Civil Aviation Safety Framework for Canada

  1. Implementing Flight 2005
  2. Flight 2005 Safety Through Partnership - Action Plan
  3. Flight 2005 Safety Management

International Civil Aviation Organization Regulatory Role

Aeronautics Act

  1. Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act
  2. Aviation Enforcement
  3. Transportation Safety Board Regulations
    1. Reportable Aviation Accidents and Incidents

Transport Canada Regulatory Services

  1. Transport Canada Official Contacts
  2. Aviation Enforcement
  3. Aviation Terminology Standardization
Subpart 5 - Safety Management Program
  1. Requirement for Safety Management Program
  2. An indroduction to Safety Management Systems
Subpart 7 - Reporting of Aviation Occurrences

602.01 Reckless or Negligent Operation of Aircraft

602.61 Survival Equipment - Flights over Land

605.31 Oxygen Equipment and Supply

  1. Table - Oxygen Requirements for Unpressurized Aircraft

Division IV - Designated Provisions

103.08 Designated Provisions

  1. Division V - Preservation and Return of Evidence or Aircraft
  2. Schedule Designated Provisions

Subpart 71 - Aircraft Maintenance Requirements

  1. Subpart 91 - Service Difficulty Reporting
  2. Subpart 93 - Airworthiness Directives
Search and Rescue's Prevention Website
Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Click here for more extensive information on the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Transport Canada's definition of a Hang glider / Paraglider means a glider (Editor: = sailplane) that is designed to carry not more than two persons and has a launch weight of 45 kg (99.2 pounds) or less; (hang glider) Transport Canada's written interpretaton of that is: "Therefore, without specific reference to the contrary, any exclusion which applies to gliders must apply to hang gliders as well as all other kinds of gliders."

606.02 Liability Insurance

602.29 Hang Glider and Ultra-light Aeroplane Operation

602.34 Cruising Altitudes and Cruising Flight Levels

602.114 Division VI - Visual Flight Rules

603.143 Division VIII - Radiocommunications

602.144 Interception Signals, Interception of Aircraft and Instructions to Land

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