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NameCity, Province, CountryMem #Mem ExpiresHAGAR #HG RatingPG RatingClub
David AchtemichukPemberton, BC, Canada509718-May-2019  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVWCSC
Dong Soo AhnCoquitlam, BC, Canada34598-May-2019  IntermediateWCSC
Kevin AultCultus Lake, BC, Canada51427-Apr-20195802-409575 AdvancedWCSC
Tobias BoehmVancouver, BC, Canada511324-Mar-2019  3 Intermediate TS CRHPAC, WCSC
John BouwmeesterSturgeon County, Ab, Canada201613-Jul-2018 - WCSC
William P. "Bill" BrassAbbotsford, BC, Canada7692-May-2019 Novice WCSC
Paul BuntenPemberton, BC, Canada415818-Jun-20195802-506304 AdvancedWCSC
Terry ButcherVernon, BC, Canada379029-Nov-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRBCHPA, HPAC, OSA, TVSC, WCSC
John CambruzziWhite Rock, BC, Canada567628-Jun-20185122293 Intermediate TS CR GT WCSC
Thomas "(Deimos Paragliding)" ClarkSurrey, BC, Canada231228-Jun-20195802-790854 Advanced TS CR SIVBCHPA, Deimos Paragliding Flight School, Grouse Mountain Flying Team, HPAC, WCSC
William CraigNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada162910-Jun-2019  -WCSC
Tom DupreeVancouver, BC, Canada516215-Sep-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRWCSC
Nicholas EdgarVancouver, BC, Canada557017-Mar-2019  2 Novice TSWCSC
Scott FlavelleMt. Currie, BC, Canada335716-Apr-20195802-504008 AdvancedBCHPA, WCSC
Damian GarnettChilliwack, BC, Canada570826-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRWCSC
Nikita GazarovVancouver, BC, Canada50227-Apr-2019 2 Novice TS CR GT FGS, WCSC
Dominik GeisselerNew Westminster, BC, Canada58945-Jul-2019  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Tyler GilliesBurnaby, BC, Canada521519-Sep-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVWCSC
Bill GoglinWilliams Lake, BC, Canada40111-May-20195802-508903 4 Advanced TS CR SIVBCHPA, CIL, FlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC, TVSC, WCSC
Peter GrafVancouver, BC, Canada26823-Apr-20195802-409139 AdvancedWCSC
Remy GuignardMadeira Park, BC, Canada561219-Jun-2019  2 Novice TSWCSC
Beverley HallVictoria, BC, Canada42578-Oct-2018  NoviceWCSC
Paul HarwoodHope, BC, Canada53624-Jun-2019  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Bradley HenryRosedale, BC, Canada143915-Mar-20195802-790144 AdvancedWCSC
Martin HenryAbbotsford, BC, Canada211-May-20195802-405832Master-WCSC
Darren HeppleNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada311222-Apr-20195802-797095 AdvancedGrouse Mountain Flying Team, WCSC
Ralph HertenVancouver, BC, Canada245426-Jan-2019RP749143Advanced WCSC
Rolfe HilgerMission, BC, Canada12121-Aug-2018 Novice WCSC
Darrell HouleCalgary, Ab, Canada59497-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Roman KarasVancouver, BC, Canada316619-Jun-2019  2 Novice TS CR T SIVWCSC
Jan KarnikSurrey, BC, Canada92616-Jun-20195802-788293-AdvancedWCSC
J. Darren KinleyNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada124925-Jul-2019790861 AdvancedWCSC
Derek KovacicAgassiz, BC, Canada33512-Aug-20185802-797563 Advanced TS CR T SIVWCSC
Andrei KravchenkoAgassiz , BC, Canada394820-May-20195802-505757 4 Advanced TS CR SIVWCSC
Elena KravchenkoAgassiz, BC, Canada423220-Oct-2018  NoviceWCSC
Norman "ParaNorm" KrcmarKelowna, BC, Canada498927-Jul-20185802-512037 4 Advanced TS CR SIVGrouse Mountain Flying Team, OSA, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Bob KriderMaple Ridge, BC, Canada6630-Nov-2018 3 Intermediate WCSC
Patrick "Paddy" LeeNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada396826-Apr-20195802-504922 AdvancedWCSC
John MacekNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada436720-May-2019  IntermediateWCSC
Tom MartinsonCoquitlam, BC, Canada450116-Mar-20195802-509364 AdvancedBCHPA, WCSC
Nicole McLearnVancouver, BC, Canada257918-May-20195802-793253 Master TS CR T SIVWCSC
Mourad MeratlaPemberton, BC, Canada557721-Jul-2018  2 Novice TSWCSC
Craig MillerTaupo, , New Zealand51001-Aug-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVWCSC
Neil MuirWest Vancouver, BC, Canada144126-Apr-20195802-789418Intermediate WCSC
Fedja MulabdicNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada273620-Jun-20195802-796802 AdvancedWCSC
Margit NanceVancouver, BC, Canada236830-Jun-20195802-501085 MasterWCSC
Thomas R. NicholsAgassiz, BC, Canada386628-Feb-2019 - WCSC
Bill NikolaiVancouver, BC, Canada274112-Nov-20185802-797087 AdvancedWCSC
Martin NowoselskiChilliwack, BC, Canada223-Jan-20195802-500703NoviceIntermediateWCSC
Javier PeredaPemberton, BC, Canada491623-Apr-2019  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Andrew PughVancouver, BC, Canada32436-May-2019 Novice WCSC
Robert PugsleyFernie, BC, Canada56365-Jun-2019  2 Novice TS CRColumbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, OSA, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Jozef RadonLangley, BC, Canada31225-May-2019  NoviceWCSC
Guy ReynoldsGabriola Island, BC, Canada2762-Jul-2018P3262504A WCSC
Karin SandstromSurrey, BC, Canada368926-Nov-20185802-501073 IntermediateBCHPA, Deimos Paragliding Flight School, HPAC, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Gabriel SantiagoFurry Creek, BC, Canada612420-Feb-2019  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Kirstie SatchwellBurnaby, BC, Canada521414-Aug-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVWCSC
Robin SatherAbbotsford, BC, Canada262519-Feb-20195802-797077 IntermediateWCSC
Mia SchokkerAbbotsford, BC, Canada311-May-20195802-406106AdvancedIntermediateWCSC
Claudia SchwabBurnaby, BC, Canada411323-Feb-20195802-505490 AdvancedWCSC
Lee SegstroChilliwack, BC, Canada46753-May-20195802-508829 4 Advanced TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC, Jet Set Paragliding, WCSC
Carlos Sommer150 Mile House, BC, Canada478216-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVCIL, OSA, WCSC
Peter SpearBurnaby, BC, Canada403711-Feb-20195802-504907 AdvancedDeimos Paragliding Flight School, Grouse Mountain Flying Team, WCSC
David StanekWhite Rock, BC, Canada163711-Nov-20185802-409577 AdvancedWCSC
Aurelien SudanBurnaby, BC, Canada55965-Jan-2019  2 Novice TS CRBCHPA, FlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Elena "ElenaT" TolkachevaBurnaby, BC, Canada439425-Apr-2019  NoviceDeimos Paragliding Flight School, WCSC
Stewart TrowsdaleNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada2782-Jun-2019 3 Intermediate TS CR GT AT WCSC
Dean TruemanVancouver, BC, Canada241624-Jul-2018  NoviceWCSC
Mark TullochAbbotsford, BC, Canada311-Jan-20195802-409383MasterAdvancedWCSC
Michael VuBurnaby, BC, Canada15861-Apr-2019 Novice WCSC
Doug WakefieldCoquitlam, BC, Canada322929-May-2019 Intermediate WCSC
Benoit WallerVancouver, BC, Canada364630-Oct-20185802-504883 4 Advanced TS CR SIVGrouse Mountain Flying Team, HPAC, WCSC


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