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  • 1. Convened April 28-29, 2007.

    Present: Mike Miller, Michael Fuller, Martin McLeod, Cas Wolan, Domagoj Juretic, Troy Withmore, Charles Mathieson

    Absent: Gerry Grossnegger, Bruce Busby

    Meeting convened at 0930

    • a. Introductions
    • -Reading of a note on Gerry Grossnegger‘s absence. Note also informs us of Gerry’s resignation.
      -Meeting will be chaired by Mike Miller.
      -Decision is made to get through the days agenda.

    • b. Time line
    • -The time is worked on as the meeting gets underway and will be worked on during the weekend.

    • c. Additions and Deletions from the Agenda
    • -Addition of a discussion on point 7b2 (scheduled for Sunday 1330)
      -Addition of a half hour discussion on the hard copy of the budget followed by budget approval on Sunday at 1030
      -Addition of directors’ reports at 1330 on Sunday
      -Motion to recognize Gerry Grossnegger’s contributions in his multiple roles at HPAC including the role of president.
      Motion by Michael Fuller seconded by Cas Wolan. Passed unanimously.

    • d. Minutes of last meeting

      -We must try to have a printed version of the minutes for next years meeting.
      - There are a few omissions regarding the approval of the marketing committee.
      -As corrected, Michael Fuller proposes to approve the minutes. Seconded by Mike Miller. Passed unanimously

    • e. Business arising from minutes
    • -Merchandising is to be discussed in the B.M.’s report
      -(Troy) Verify the validity of electronic signature for waivers

    • f. Presidents Report:
    • -No report from Gerry Grossnegger with two important items missing, Special Skill Sign Off and Volunteer Compensation Program.

    • h. Presentation of the Year End Actuals (by Charles Mathieson)

      -Net profit of 15 000$
      -Total cash+ bank account 30 656.92$
      -Total assets 135 822.12$
      - (Dom) Follow up on unpaid membership fee for 2006: Yannick Messier
      -Overpayments held by BM and accounted as donations
      -Overpayments should be settled by immediate refund, preceded by a call of the B.M.
      -Underpayments shouldn’t be accepted until the right amount is sent, either by school Or by member
      -(Quinn) The two above points should be entered into SOP 350-0 (credit policy, 11) Proposed by Cas Wolan, Seconded by Domagoj Juretic, Passed Unanimously. Added to PRD350 2006-09-16.
      -Accounts receivable older than April 2006 will be written off as bad debt.
      -TD money market GIC has 82 620.66$ at a rate of 3.45%


      -Actuals budget comparison item by item
      -Uncategorized amount of 3 667.12$ to be verified before audit
      -Paypal reconciliation is a big job, it has to match the database. Charles wants to automate the process.
      -Processing of a membership explained by Charles and Troy
      -Charles proposes to expand the info that Sharon or Troy can input so that he (Charles)
      Doesn’t have to re input everything and so reducing reconciliation work between the database and the Actuals. He wants to include Paypal in this integration.

      -AYPH should be included in the BCHPA (budget wise)
      -Jamie Christensen Award given out in 2006 but no reimbursements paid out
      -Reconciliation of B.M. salary in regards to 1 148.77$. Probable overlap because John Burk Stayed on for transition + possible business expenses
      -Other office expenses of 2 649.99$ include a new printer
      -All office assets of 500$ of value or more should be listed as assets with depreciation
      -(Quinn) The above point is to be added to SOP 350 (line 3d) Added to PRD350 2006-09-16.
      -The OLC is to reviewed in regards to the increasingly popular Leonardo system
      - PARAGLIDER Mag made a small profit but it will be switched to XC Mag
      -Promotion and Marketing: We joined up with SOURCES(170$) but we will not renew.
      -Bumper stickers cost 1300$. The 5 487$ included 4 000$ given to the BCHPA study.
      -(Charles) The 4000$ to the BCHPA should be listed as Studies
      - Pay 250$ to Janet Mochard (by consensus)

      - Memo to all committee members saying that B.M. has to approve the all the expenses Of a committee.
      -(Charles) Pay all monies owed to Serge Lamarche in full (750$) (by consensus)
      -(Dom) World Team Funding: Talk to Nicole and assess the needs of the paragliding Team.

      -Discussion to distinguish between the World Team Funding coming from the fees collected at Sanctioned comps (for this we have 2000$ available) and the Endowment fund.
    • Lunch (with unapproved flying time)

    • i. Operating budget (Discussion with Charles Mathieson)

      -Charles proposes to separate the interest amount from the body of the fund for better Visual reference.
      -Discussion on ways to increase advertising revenue Air Mag
      -(Troy) to take the initiative to increase ad revenue from 1000$ to 2500$
      -(Quinn) NSF return charge of 10$ to be charged to the party at falt. To be added to SOP 350-11A. By consensus. Added to PRD350 2006-09-16.
      -Correction to total Insurance Documentation Fee from 2200$ to 2500$
      -Reduction of HOLC from 250$ to 150$
      -(Troy) Ask Gerry about Café Press revenue and verify about possible link with Unaccounted Paypal revenue
      -(Charles) Add associate revenue of 2394$ to AQVL revenue of 23 638$

      -AQVL family memberships budgeted to 500$
      -BCHPA family memberships budgeted to 2500$
      -OHPA family memberships budgeted to 0$
      -AHPA full memberships budgeted to 12 000$
      -AQVL full memberships budgeted to 26 000$
      -HPAAC full memberships budgeted to same$
      -OHPA full memberships budgeted to 10 000$
      -SHPA full memberships budgeted to 1250$
      -MHPA full memberships budgeted to ?

      -(Troy) to check Air Mag subscriptions to libraries
      -(Charles) add AQVL optional Air Mag – 40$ to be added to Optional Second Mag, 40$ + 800$ = 840$
      -(Troy) Contact James Keller to renegotiate. If needed, we could go to 1000$ per issue
      -Total Air Mar expenses changed to 10 200$
      -Annual Director’s Meeting expenses budgeted amount changed to 6000$
      -Audit budgeted fees increased from 300$ to 700$
      -OLC on line contest fees changed from 200$ to 120$
      -(Charles) Addition of the OLC to budget item named Grants
      -Promotion and marketing would be increased to a budgeted amount of 8000$(by consensus)
      -Translation fees would be increased to a budgeted amount of 2000$(by consensus)
      -3000$ donation to Philippe Chevalier to be added to the Grant total
      So 3000$ to be added to the BCHPA study grant of 4000$ for a grant total of 7000$
      -Discussion on a possible decrease of membership fees. Status quo (by consensus)
      -Discussion on possible allocation of funds for the Volunteer Incentive Program (Possibly a membership’s worth? T-shit giveaway?)
      -(Dom+Michael) Work out a letter and Certificate of Appreciation for services rendered
      -(Dom)Translations and Translators: Look for government grants in addition to the 2000$/year budgeted amount.
      -(Dom) Look into a per word cost structure for translations.
      -(Dom-National Site Preservation and Development Committee) Look into the cost of Having the BCHPA study translated.
      -IAC in person meeting as asked by IAC chair will be postponed until viewed as Absolutely necessary.

      -IPPI cards budgeted to 180$
    • j. Business Manager's Report (by Troy Withmore) (Saturday 1730)

      -(Dom) Contact Jocelyn Lapointe # 1530 about check for renewal.
      -(Michael) Work with Troy to have an article written by a pro and have it published in En Route(Air Canada) and West Jet mags.
      -(Troy) Repatriate all of Café Press info from Gerry. We need to see the numbers.
      -(Troy) Changes to our statutes have to be ready for an online vote at our AGM.
      -(Michael) Look into the creation of an online HPAC calendar on Google.

    • k. Air Report

      -(Martin) will try to gather old Air Mags to send them to the web team for PDF conversion and web posting.
      -(Troy) will try to prospect for some corporate advertising to increase revenue.
      -(Troy) will look for some good prices to increase the color content.

    • l. Survol

      -(James and Anne-Sophie) Article exchange between best articles in Air and Survol with translation in the other mag. Articles chosen by the editors. + Regular article exchanges. The two best articles of the year could be worth a year’s membership.

    • m. Safety Report
    • -(Quinn) Write a reminder on the importance of accident reporting.

      Meeting adjourned at 1910

      Meeting reconvened Sunday at 0930

      Reports (continued)

    • n. CIVL
    • - No Report

    • o. Badges and Records
    • -(Cas) Forward info to web team so that they can add a page on the website about the licences.
      -(Cas) Write an article in Air about sporting licences.
      -(Cas) Get in touch and keep contact with Bruce Carter or his replacement at the Aero Club of Canada.
      -(Michael) Tell Vincene that she should produce a balance sheet about the badges for audit purposes.

    • q. Competition Report
    • -(Charles) If any money is added to the World Team Fund, it should go under Grants and not the World Team Fund Line

    • r. Insurance Report
    • -(Cas) Ask Gregg to check into travel insurance for pilots as part of our membership policy.
      -Ask Gregg about coverage for provincial administrators in regards to administrator’s liability
      -Cas will contact Gregg’s possible replacement.

    • s. TC Liason Report
    • -The IAC looked and will look into how we can replace the HAGAR with our own in house exam.
      -The IAC has to make sure to keep Andre involved in all discussions regarding the future of the HAGAR.
      -The IAC must make a more precise and formal proposal to Andre so that he can present this to TC.
      -(Martin) will ask Andre to research how other countries deal with Air Regs instruction and examinations.
      -(Troy) will send two letters of complaints about the hurdles of the HAGAR exam to Andre.

    • t. Disciplinary
    • Tabled

    • u. Aeroclub of Canada Liason
    • No Report (Steward M.)

    • v. Legal
    • (Dom) Work with Mark K. to secure some legal advice on the validity of waivers under Quebec civil law.

      Break (1115)

    • w. IAC Report
    • -No report from Eric
      -IAC should refer to notes of the ad hoc IAC meeting held on the 27th of April in Pemberton
      -(BOD) Turn around Bruce’s motion on the removal of the HAGAR to avoid the void created before there is a replacement.
      -(Michael) will send a poll to gather the input of instructors throughout Canada. He will then send a copy to Eric for translation and submission to Quebec instructors. Michael sent the notes to the IAC chair. A 1 month period will be given to the instructors for their response. The poll should be sent by regular mail to the instructors (all or only the ones without email?).
      -Special skills signoffs: to be considered by IAC
      -First aid proxy: IAC is against the idea

    • l) (continued) Budget Review (revisited)
    • -Badges: (Charles) contact Vincene to see how he can alleviate some of the irritants.

      -World Team Funding: (Charles) The 1300$ left over from the 2000$ amount should be added to the grants line.
      -Charitable status: (Charles) will verify the impact of a charitable status on the recovery of the GST.
      -(Charles) will shop around for a new accounting program
      -(Charles) new lines added to the budget: FAI----1000$ Badges----15$
      -(Charles) will take care of the year end actuals
      -(Cas) will check with Evelyn to see if she wants to go on as auditor.
      -(Charles) will find auditor if Evelyn’s answer is no.
      (item settled with the choice of Jorgensen and Bickerton)

      -Motion for approval (of budget?) made by Michael and seconded by Martin (unanimous)

    • w. Web Team Report
    • -(New President) President’s letter of thanks to Judith Newman for years of loyal services (As part of a new program of recognition).

    • y. Web Team Reports
    • -(Quinn) PRD revisions and updates arising from the minutes.
      -Make sure that the web team knows about the translation budget and Serge Lamarche’s availability at a fixed rate per word.
      -(Dom) Publish thanks in Air for Judith.

    • z. Awards
    • -(Michael) Awards submissions should be added to our operating calendar.
      -Update SOP 510 (Cliff Kakish Award) to look into list of past recipients so has to update the website.
      -(Michael) Jamie Christensen Award to be given out to Judith Newman
      -(Bruce) Lew Nielsen Award to be given out to Brett Hazlett (for years 2005 and 2006)
      -(Bruce) Willy Muller Award is to be given out to Will Gadd
      -Solid Ground Award: No candidates up till now
      -(Michael): Cliff Kakish Award to be given out to Blake Daley



    • AA. Board Development
    • -Reference PRD on BOD meetings + link to Roberts’ Rules. Roberts’ Rules will be used as reference for procedure.
      -Approval of PRD-210 proposed by Michael Fuller, seconded by Domagoj Juretic. Passed with one abstention.
      -Discussion on the importance of a master plan.
      -(Michael and Troy) will develop the on line calendar putting down all cyclical tasks.
      -(All of us) will their own tasks with deadlines and progress reports.
      -(Quinn) Verify our communications set up. Making sure the following acronyms represent the correct group.

      BOD : directors only
      BODr : directors+bm+treasurer+committee chairs+past presidents
      Exec : directors+bm+treasurer

    • BB. Presentation by BCHPA representatives
    • (Margit Nance and Rob Samplonius)

      -Importance of he issue of site loss and site preservation
      -All sites should be club-secure
      -Sites should be locally run.
      -National park planned in South Okanagan. With the study as a tool, we have a foot in the door for potential use by pilots. A first in a national park.
      -(Charles) BCHPA asks for quarterly payments of dues.
      -(Charles) Check on how Yukon pilots wants their dues collected.
      -(Dom and Margit) Check on translation of the study in house(by Golder).
      Contact Montreal office of Golder.
      -(?) Review support of Aero Radio.
      -Margit and Rob ask us to review pertinence of marketing campaign.

    • CC. Appointment of Auditors
    • -(Cas) will check with Evelyn and (Charles) with colleagues.

    • DD. ADM 2008
    • Cas proposes Saskatoon as site of the 2008 ADM.
      The motion is seconded by Michael and passed unanimously.
      The date is set for the 26th and 27th of April

    • EE. AGM 2007
    • -The AGM should be held before the end of June for maximum participation.
      -Motion to modify SOP 230-1 to read April 1st to June 30th and subsection 4a to read
      Electronic meeting to last for a period of 14 days ending no later than June 30th
      Proposed by Michael Fuller, seconded by Cas Wolan and passed unanimously.

    • FF. HAGAR Motion
    • -Motion to reinstate the HAGAR requirement for the intermediate rating
      Proposed by Martin McLeod, seconded by Dom. Passed with one abstention.

    • GG. Treasurer
    • -Charles will go on, will looking for a smooth transition with his successor.
      -He will look for some new accounting software and consider working on database and Paypal issues.

    • HH. Marketing
    • -Discussion on lowering of the membership fees. Discussion tabled for a later date.

    • II. National Site Development Committee
    • -(Dom) Ask Phil Deon if he wants to go on. If not, look for replacement.
      Margit Nance is a possible candidate.

    • JJ. First Aid
    • -Troy discusses expiry dates on first aid certificates, but the discussion is deferred to the Security Committee
      -(Quinn) Look into this issue with Troy.

    • KK. PRD 210-0
    • Done

    • LL. Charitable Status
    • - Vote to be held at AGM

    • MM. Volunteer Compensation Program
    • - (President) To be dealt with by president’s letter and certificate.

    • NN. Election of Officers
    • -President: Michael Fuller nominates DOMAGOJ JURETIC, seconded by Cas Wolan. Passed unanimously.
      -Vice-president: CAS WOLAN nominates himself as vice-president, seconded by Domagoj Juretic. Passed unanimously.
      -Secretary: MIKE MILLER nominates himself as secretary, seconded by Martin Mc Leod. Passed unanimously.

      Meeting closed at 1850
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