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Name: Midnight Sun Dome, elevation 2,890 feet ASL (881 meters), LZ elevation 1,080 feet (329 meters)

Location: Dawson City town site, Yukon

Usage: PG, HG

Season: March to September inclusive

Requirements: Pilots are expected to be rated, competent and carry HPAC insurance.


Affiliation: Association of Yukon Paragliders and Hang gliders

Radio info: Dawson CARS 122.100 MHz


Launches: Southwest launch suitable for Novice pilots. Southeast and North launches are suitable only for Intermediate and higher pilots. North launch is found after a short walk along Moosehide Slide trail.

Winds: Best from SE to SW, N and NW.

Driving directions: From LZ follow Front St. back out to hwy for 500m. Turn North onto Dome Road and follow for 7km. Road ends at top of Midnight Dome.

Road conditions: Road is paved all the way to launch.

Parking: adequate parking available.

Facilities: no facilities.

Setup area: Set up either in the gravel parking lot or on slope below it.



Type of flying: Mostly mountain thermal but infrequent ridge soaring also.

Restrictions: Because of a long glide out to LZ pilots are expected not to scratch well below launch. See also Dawson Site Rules.

Hazards: Because of nearby Dawson Airport, Klondike valley and Midnight Dome sees frequent air traffic; fixed wing, rotary and ultra light, land and marine based. Pilots should inform Dawson CARS by radio or telephone (867-993-5338) of their intentions. Dawson CARS will advise all air traffic of reported paraglider traffic.


Landing zones: LZ is long but narrow grass strip located between Front Street and levy alongside Yukon River, running roughly North-South

Driving directions: Dawson is a small town; Front St. and the LZ are both quite obvious. The main hwy into town becomes Front St. and main LZ is on the West (river) side from Princess St. to Church St.

Road conditions: Dawson is a pretty cool town in that only Front St. is paved; all the other streets are dirt with wooden boardwalks.

Parking: ample.

Facilities: all services available in town.

Hazards: LZ is bordered by Front St. on the East, levy and river on the West, trees and picnic tables to the North and South. Care should be taken when landing in winds cross from the East which can result in rotor turbulence from trees and buildings along Front St.

Restrictions: DO NOT land ANYWHERE else in town site. See also Dawson Site Rules.


Summary: Paragliding is a highly visible endeavour in Dawson. Launch is overlooking town site and LZ is reached by flying directly over town site. 24 hour daylight makes for fantastic flying in summer. Tremendous XC potential exists north of town on Dempster Hwy.

Land ownership:

Other use: Launch, setup & LZ areas are also used by non-flying public

Emergency: Hospital located on Sixth and Mission. Tel: 867-993-4444


Contacts: Stephen Johnson (867-993-6466)

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