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First Category Events

FAI World Championship

An international sporting event organised under the Sporting Code rules for Championships in one or more disciplines of FAI recognised activities, open to participants from all FAI Members and in which the winner is awarded the title of World Champion.

FAI Continental Championship

An international sporting event open to participants from all FAI Members within a specific region defined in the General Section and in which the winner is awarded the title of Regional Champion.

World Air Games

An international sporting event organized by one NAC involving several FAI air sports at the same time and open to all FAI members

Second Category Events

Other international sporting events organised by or under the authorisation of NACs. (example Pre?Worlds)

International Sporting Event

A sporting event in which entry is open to citizens of more than one country

National Sporting Event

A sporting event open only to citizens and residents of one country.

Canadian National Open Championship

(The HPAC encourages event organizers to utilize the FAI† Sporting Code and CIVL Rules and to include CIVL Record category tasks wherever possible.)

  • Is open to citizens of other countries.
  • to be held on a date and site selected by the HPAC.
  • Location to be selected from qualifying bidders.
  • Site to alternate between eastern and western Canada each year.
  • Alternatives to the present structure of selecting the National champion in alternating East / West National Championships is be sent to the competition committee. (1988-3 AGM)

National Meets:

  • must be sanctioned by the Provincial Association
  • sponsored by local clubs or groups of flyers
  • minimum of 15 competitors (of a provincial Association), Maximum of 50 pilots unless authorized by the Competition Chairperson.
  • Each province will be able to send a minimum of 5 provincial representatives regardless of points accumulated.
  • the remaining 30 positions will be awarded on a pilotís competition point accumulations in his best 3 finishes regardless of his home province.
  • 50% of competition spaces to be assigned according to the pilotís date of entry, competition record and any remainder may be decided by a fly-off.
  • Safety requirements of HPAC must be met.

Provincial Championships:

  • 50% of competition spaces to be assigned according to pilotís competition record for the year, remainder to be decided by a fly-off the day before competition begins.
  • Sponsored by Provincial Association, time and site to be chosen by P.A.
  • must be held at least 2 weeks prior to the Canadian Nationals.
  • Maximum of 100 competitors, minimum of 25. Competition space to be assigned based on the yearís competition record;
  • Provincial Team to be selected after completion of Provincial Championships as an option of the Provincial Association. Number on team is optional. Winner of the provincial championship is automatically selected. Others selected on overall yearís performance.

Regional Meets

To be held between Jan 1st of each year and before the the Provincial Championships (1977 AGM).

National Fly-In:

Moved 1990-12 AGM: To promote a National Fly-In Weekend to promote sociability between pilots.


Fly-Ins are hosted as a low key competition to attract upcoming pilots who are reluctant to attend top calibre competitions. It features seminars on safety, competition strategy and racing, soaring and† cross country skills. It is intended to encourage the attending pilots to enter future competitions and to being one of the best avenues for them† to improve skills
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