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Basic Scoring

Lowest total time wins

pilots landing short of goal recieve last time to goal (LTTG) plus 1 penalty minute for each kilometre short.

Zero Completion

all pilots receive 1 minute for each kilometre short of goal

Positional Times

The last 2 pilots to goal will receive 'positional' times, each one getting a maximum of 1 additional minute more than the pilot preceding them to goal. For example, if the time for the 3rd last pilot to goal is 147 minutes, then the 2nd to last pilot to goal gets 148 minutes, and the last pilot to goal gets 149 minutes. (Note: the LTTG is 149 minutes for purposes of calculating scores for those pilots short of goal.)

Maximum Time Zone

All pilots will be deemed to have flown at least glide distance (distance determined by the Meet Director) even if they didn't launch.

Minimum Distance

The Meet Director will declare a minimum distance required to validate the day which should be approximately 3 times glide. At least one pilot must make this distance or the day is invalid.

Devaluation Rule

If less the 2/3rds of the pilots (Q) make Minimum Distance (MD), the day is devalued. All times are recalculated based on the percentage of Q who do make MD. For example, with 60 pilots entered, Q equals 40. If only 30 pilots make MD, times are recalculated to 30/40ths or 75% of actual. If only 20 pilots make MD, times are recalculated to 20/40ths or 50% of actual.

You don't need a computer! One kilometre is one minute, and minutes can be added such that you need only keep a running total for each pilot. (a pencil and paper will do!)

Each pilot can look at the score board daily and know exactly how many minutes he or she is behind.

The last two pilots to goal receive positional times, so they don't screw up the scores for those pilots who didn't make goal. Also, they don't have to decide if it would be better for them to land just short of goal.

No one has to launch in bad conditions just to get a score.

A pilots who just makes a glide can not out-score the pilot who attempts to work the available lift but ends up sinking out.

The day is invalidated if conditions aren't good enough for anyone to go more than three times glide.

The day is devalued if conditions aren't good enough for the majority of pilots to make three times glide, and no single pilot or small group of pilots can walk away with the meet because of a “Lucky” thermal on an otherwise marginal day.

All days are not created equal (From and Hang Gliding and Paragliding point of view) and TTG ensures that marginal days don't weigh as heavily in the overall outcome.

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