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This report will serve as a guideline for clubs organizing a meet. The success of a competition depends on many factors. These guidelines are provided as an overall format for local, regional and international competitions. It is the belief of the committee that competition should be an enjoyable, rewarding and educational endeavor.

Organize Competition with local flyers and volunteers.


  • Obtain permission from clubs and property owner(s) for flying site(s), landing fields and parking areas.
  • Ensure site access, parking, set up, take off and landing areas are upgraded prior to the event.
  • Ensure sites are adequate for the number of pilots expected to attend (multiple launches at take off are usually a requirement). Each site should:
  • Accommodate a variety of wind, weather and instability conditions. Expect the unexpected!
  • Each launch must be capable of launching one pilot every one or two minutes;
  • Have one take-off for every 25 Hang Glider and 10 Paraglider pilots entered

Select tasks for every site:

  • Choose a variety of turnpoints along each task route. Be prepared with tasks for marginal days right through to world record weather.
  • Choose carefully between an unattainable task for the day and one which proves too easy to challenge pilot skills.
  • Draw lines from your launches to turn points and goals on a map, measure each and mark each task leg distance.
  • Attach a string to a pin at goal and each turn point to measure back to the distance flown. Mark the string with distance units for easy reference.
  • Try to define tasks which will count towards FAI badge and record distances.

Provide FAI rule photographs of your chosen turnpoints

. “...Chose turnpoints with enough vertical features and other landmarks to allow corresponding points on a photograph and map to be matched. Isolated spaces such as the centre of airfields or road junctions in the middle of nowhere can be almost impossible to assess accurately.

Specify your turnpoint

  • A school, a church, a bridge or a mountain (if a mountain make sure that you have all the mountain in the photograph.)”
  • Provide photographs of:
  • goals, confusing areas, hazards and
  • restricted areas such as:
    • do-not-land areas by land owner request.
    • IFR/VFR airways
    • Military/blasting areas et cetera

Secure Facilities and equipment:

  • Meet Headquarters
  • First-aid coverage, rescue team and equipment.
  • IBM compatible Computer with 3 1/2” disk drive.
  • Printer and Printer Paper.
  • Computer Scoring System.2 or
  • Use Total Time to Goal (TTG Scoring)
  • Film Development Facility
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Banquets
  • Timing devices
  • Flags / wind socks, (extras for goal judges).

Prepare your Budget


  • Invite the news media
  • Canvass for possible sponsors for the meet. See

Economic Impact Survey

Encourage public participation. (Note: this would require a Special Aviation Event Order).
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