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Examples are provided to assist event organizers.

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HPAC Official Forms

Canadian Regulatory Requirements:

Additional Event Forms

FAI / CIVL Event Forms

HPAC Membership Application Form: PDF, Word Doc NOTAM, Special Use Airspace Application Local Meet Rules
(Courtesy Chris Florkow)
FAI Sporting Code General Section
HPAC Temporary Membership Form: PDF, Word Doc
(for foreign resident pilots only)
Hang Gliding Air Regulations
Event Entry Forms CIVL Section 7 (Hang Gliding) Sporting Code
[Click on Section 7d]
HPAC Competition Rule Book Special Aviation Events - Air Shows (TP 13304) Landing Forms Rights to FAI International Sporting Events
Organiser Agreement
GAP Scoring Program Weather / Day Board Practical Guidelines for Organisers of FAI/CIVL Competitions
Mac GPS Program Economic Impact Survey Local Meet Rules for CIVL Events
FAI Task Declaration Form
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