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1-866-WXBRIEF / 1-866-GOMÉTÉO (French)
FSS Advanced Pilot Weather Briefing (Free)
  & HAGAR Flight Notification
Revised Jan 1st 2004
Flight Information Centre (FIC) Direct Toll-free Telephone Numbers

NAV CANADA's Flight Information Centre (FIC) Project is a coast-to-coast program offering pilots easier access to system-wide flight information services for an assigned geographic region, including interpretive weather briefings, flight planning (HAGAR), NOTAMs, enroute advisories and remote aerodrome advisory services. Nine Flight Information Centres have been established in Halifax, Québec, London, North Bay, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Kamloops, Whitehorse and Yellowknife.

All pilots in Canada will phone FIC with a common toll-free number, 1-866-WXBRIEF. This phone number will route the pilotís call to the FIC serving the area from which the call is being made.

An additional toll free number 1-866-GOMÉTÉO, also available anywhere in Canada, routes the call to the Québec FIC for French service.

FIC provides you with "Advance Aviation Weather Briefing" (see details below.) If necessary they will forward you call or give you the phone number of your nearest airport (FSS) to ensure they know you are filing your HAGAR.

In addition, nine other toll-free numbers, operational in both Canada and the United States, will allow pilots to contact a specific FIC of their choice. These area-specific phone numbers will be very useful for flights that cross over multiple service areas. Cellular and satellite phone users will be encouraged to use these numbers as well:

1-866-541-4101 Kamloops FIC
1-866-541-4102 Edmonton FIC
1-866-541-4103 Winnipeg FIC
1-866-541-4104 London FIC
1-866-541-4105 Quebec FIC
1-866-541-4106 Halifax FIC
1-866-541-4107 Whitehorse FIC
1-866-541-4108 Yellowknife FIC
1-866-541-4109 North Bay FIC

  For Notification of HAGAR Flight, Phone:
1-866-WX-BRIEF (English) = 1-866-992-7433
1-866-GO-MÉTÉO (French) = 1-866-466-3836.

Tell them where you fly from,  when,  for how long,  where to,  and via what route.
We do not File Flight Plans.  We don't land at airports.   We have pickup vehicles.
We just inform them of our activity. We are permitted to fly in Controlled Airspace

All you have to do to file your HAGAR is tell your FIC Weather Briefer and your nearest FSS (airport)
what you are up to before you hang up.   Itís that simple and its a Free Service.

NOTE: If you plan to fly through Uncontrolled Airports which have Controlled Airspace:
Make sure you Obtain Permission from the Aiport Operator First.

FIC Advanced Pilot Weather Briefing (FREE!)
What questions to ask
Winds  Aloft with  Temp for 6, 9, 12, 15,000í ASL
Surface  and  3000í  Winds 
Cloud  Type  (Cu, TCuís)  % of Cloud Cover
Projected  Turbulence  (Thermic  Activity)
Detailed  Regional  Forecast
Freezing  Altitude
Temperature,  Dew Point
Cloud  Base  &  Tops
Probability of  Cu Nims & Severe Weather
Stability  /  Instability
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