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July 3 2004

#1 Reason for the Safety Web Site
"Everything else is fluff"

Thanks to Betty Pfeiffer - High Enery Sports
Dan Poynter: Para Publishing - Parachute Information Resources
Wills Wing and Metamorfosi

Link to Reserve Parachute Manufacturers

Parachute Deployment and Repack Clinics
Scheduled Dates and Locations in Canada

Reserve Parachute Deployment Information Author
The Betty Pfeiffer Reserve Parachute Clinic
The quintessential clinic courtesy the "Queen of Silk"
Betty Pfeiffer
Parachute Clinic Check List Fred Wilson
Parachute and Harness Equipment Care Rob Kells
& Steve Pearson
Parachute Riggers Guide FAA
Hang Gliding Parachute Inspection Checklist Betty Pfeiffer
Hang Gliding Deployment Bag Check List Betty Pfeiffer
Harness installation for Paragliders Betty Pfeiffer
Canadian Parachute Deployment Statistics Fred Wilson
Emergency Parachute Deployment Sequence for Hang Glider Pilots Angelo Crapanzano
Proc d'ouverture du parachute de secours avec l'aile delta
Procedimento di apertura dell'emergenza in deltaplano
Angelo Crapanzano
Emergency Parachute Deployment Sequence for Paraglider Pilots Angelo Crapanzano
Proc d'ouverture du parachute de secours avec le parapente
Procedimento di apertura dell'emergenza in parapendio
Angelo Crapanzano
The Ballistic Controversy Betty Pfeiffer
Ballistic Deployed Parachutes Revisited Betty Pfeiffer
Pyrotechnic Ballistic Deployments - A Caution Betty Pfeiffer
Troubleshooting Your Harness Parachute System Betty Pfeiffer
The Paraglider Emergency Reserve Deployment System Controversy Betty Pfeiffer
Basic Parachute Use - A Practical Perspective For Paraglider Pilots Betty Pfeiffer
& Bill Gargano
Basic Parachute Procedures for Pilots of All Stages Betty Pfeiffer
Betty Pfeiffer
Emergency Chute Use - How to save your life
Misconceptions about parachutes Betty Pfeiffer
Parachute Handling vs. Porosity Barry McAuley (CSPA)
Bag Lock: What Good is Your Parachute if You Can’t Get It Out and other important questions - under revision, coming soon Betty Pfeiffer
A Parachute Quiz Betty Pfeiffer
Parachute design criteria & use Lecture
* Parachutes de secures pour vol libre
Paracadute di emergenza per volo libero
Angelo Crapanzano
Emergency Parachutes: Comparative Test Results Angelo Crapanzano
Italian: Paracadute d'emergenza ê risultati dei test comparativi
Aero-Com Parachute Articles
Parachute & Skydiving Information Resources Dan Pointer
Skydiving Parachute Magazine
Safety Notifications: Reserve Parachutes
BHPA Reserve Parachute safety notifications
Deployment Failures BHPA Angus Pinkerton
Parachute Deployment Pouch design flaws Fred Wilson
Reserve Parachute Shipping packaging problem Fred Wilson

Thanks to all our Instructors and Clubs who put on Chute Clinics each Spring

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