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tandem pre-flight safety protocol

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Michael Roberts
Joined: 06 Jan 2015
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:31 am    Post subject: tandem pre-flight safety protocol Reply with quote

I appreciate the intensive revamping/creating of a preflight protocol for tandem flying but as a veteran of tandem paragliding I would like to throw in 3 bits of feedback on the recommended protocol.
As we all know, the only tricky part about flying tandem is actually coaxing joe public to run down a slope and not screw it up! everything after that is pretty easy and safe, so what I practice and preach is simplicity during the preflight and absolute mindfulness on the pilots part....I have a .3% abort rate because I tell the passenger only whats important until in the air then I quiz them just before launch which they always seem to have clear understanding of what needs to be done....as a result we virtually always launch as reliably as a 737 which is the way it has to be....my point is, simplicity once strapping in! therefore all the safety protocol stuff/ waiver etc should be done well ahead of standing on the slope and separate...allow the passenger to focus only on launch and don't fill there head with stressful what ifs etc
Secondly, I don't think a passenger even needs to know there is a reserve parachute nor how to use it...that is for the pilot and is unnecessary and potentially stressful info
Thirdly, videoing of the waiver should not be necessary and might not always be possible, thus cannot be a required protocol....also seems like a stresser for a passenger
Forthly, a ground support person should also not be required....there is no need in your average para tandem except perhaps an anchor person if its strong conditions and I highly recommend having a confident strong/heavy anchor person on standby when it is full power, even if you're raul rodriguez, the wind is so much bigger than us. and merciless...don't be embarrassed to have an anchor standing by!
I think everything else in the draft looks reasonable but I do stress keeping the launch sequence simple and separate from the legal and informative stuff...get the passenger into the bubble of visualizing only what they need to do for launch
I also don't think a strap or whatever reminding us of all the biner connections is warranted, its more potential confusion....how bout a clear mind and triple check of biners, harness straps, helmet and then conditions! oh and consideration of camera poles or weird accessories!
a top gun pilot broke his back launching in pokhara last winter simply due to an unforeseen camera pole in his lines then a messy abort with a heavy passenger!! I say, accessories can get ya
sorry for the rant
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