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XC Camp - Club Cup Fly-In and State of Origin Competition Formats

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Fred Wilson
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 45
PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 02:07 pm    Post subject: XC Camp - Club Cup Fly-In and State of Origin Competition Formats Reply with quote

Posted for you to copy to your own similar event.

Fred Wilson wrote:
L'Information en français est à: http://acvl.ca/pub/?pid=229

Proposed XC Camp.

Event Details:
The Fly-In is held on successive weekends
Unofficial Fly-In and Cross Country Coaching for the intervening week. (Rain Days ± to be determined mid week.)
Cross Country Coaching Camp Clinic Course Outline

Event Fee – $20 +

One advanced pilot, two Novice / Intermediates and any other two rated pilots make up a Crew. HG and PG mixes are permitted if not encouraged.
Get your town's best friends together or come along and we can help find you a Team to crew up with.
"Out of Region Club Teams" and Wind Technicians (aka Free Flyers) are welcomed!

Each pilot must have: (Example)
1. HPAC membership;
2. Club Financial Membership; (or associated club)
3. Fly with a Cell phone and preferably a (VHF Aircraft) radio as well; and:
4. A Helmet, adequate footware and a Reserve Parachute, preferably with a recent repack.


This is an entry level event aimed at the novice or intermediate XC pilot wishing to experience a competition in a safe and friendly atmosphere.
This is not a thermalling course; it is assumed that the pilot is already thermalling.
However, pilots with low XC hours will still gain valuable experience and insights into sustained soaring, XC and competition flying.
Enter your flights at: http://www.xcontest.org/canada/en/ and / or Example: http://osaevents.pgcomps.net/comps/?op=view_comp&compID=476
Noting GPS use is not required. Examples: PgComps.net or OSA FlyFest Handicapping can be used in scoring.

With help from the flying community, there should be inexpensive Hill transport available.
All retrieves are the responsibility of individual pilots / crews.

In the morning and evenings, coaching talks and videos are scheduled.
- See examples via Jim Ongena: http://www.corporateheights.ca/ and http://www.corporateheights.ca/?page_id=34

Study Material you can read in advance includes:
Thermalling Tips Articles and Cross Country Coaching Manuals.
Cross Country Safety: http://www.hpac.ca/pub/?pid=101
Radio Lingo: http://www.hpac.ca/pub/?pid=195

Event Headquarters:
Registration check-in starts:

Please ensure your HPAC Membership (insurance) is valid.
USHGA Insurance is not adequate anymore due to Canadian Land Tenure Agreements Governments, Landowners, and Event Management coverages provided by the HPAC Insurance Policy.
HPAC and HPAC Foreign Temporary Membership can be found at: http://www.hpac.ca/pub/?pid=96

Out and Return XC etc, Spot Landing Contests.

Site Guide info:

Accommodation Info at:

Camping at:
Winter Blues Reading Material + XC Magazine's Tuesday Tips Articles List. + Flytec Tips of the Week + Event Management Support
Thermaling Tips Wiki + Cross Country Coaching Manuals + RASP Wiki

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Fred Wilson
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 45
PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 02:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Daily Schedule:

1st Briefing 9:00 AM and hours thereafter at:
At the briefing, the Task Briefing Time on the hill will be designated.
If you do not attend the HG Briefing you will miss out on information.
Task Briefing will be called a minimum of 15 minutes before the launch is opened.
Report In Time and Scoring Time Deadlines will be designated at the Task Briefing.
Team Captains must complete a Task Declaration Form and sign off for their Team.
It can be handed in by any member of the team (driver included) for scoring at HQ.

Late Sign Ins:
If a Team or Pilot have not returned to HQ by the Deadline Time in time, they MUST ring in or send a text message
their Pilot Number, Name, Kms flown and location by that time. Failure to do so results in a ZERO Score and a donation of $20 to the S&R crew.
(Note that cell coverage at Mara is very poor.)

Team Captains:
Team Captains are responsible for the members of their Team and crew.
To maximize points your crew should fly as a team, using pre-flight briefings on launch to help your low airtime
pilots to launch and fly, maximizing safety, the flight and keeping our landowners happy and supportive.

Radios can be used for Team Flying and to monitor the comp channel for a Stoppage of the Task

Stopping a Task:
Any Team Captain can call by radio and / or cell to stop the task if there is danger and the Event Organizers / Safety Committee can not be contacted.

They will verify the Distance Flown by each member, and also that each of their Team is down and safe and returned to Mara.
This is a safety procedure so that the Event Organizers and Safety Committee know that all pilots that have flown are safe and accounted for.
If a Team or Team member has not reported in, it is assumed that they are lost and / or injured and a search will be organized.
It is essential that the Team members sign off to stop these emergency procedures.
Failure to locate the missing pilot quickly will result in Search and Rescue being called in, and this can be expensive.

Site Info for the sites we have selected which we might use include:
1. West facing:
2. East Facing:
3. South Facing:
4. North Facing:

Categories and Prizes consisting of 50% of Entry Fees:
1st Three "State of Origin" Teams, including:
1st Female "State of Origin" Team
1st Pilot on Handicap
1st Female Pilot on Handicap
1st Pilot on Handicap
1st Advanced Pilot on Handicap
1st Novice - Intermediate Pilot on Handicap
Best 1st Time Competition Pilot on Handicap
The Upcoming Pilot Award
1st Tandem Team

Handicapping examples: BC Cross Country League or OSA FlyFest Rules or http://www.pgcomps.net/ seems to be popular.

XContest has a Club Competitions section: http://www.xcontest.org/national/
Some info at http://www.xcontest.org/national/faq/

TourismBC Destination: British Columbia video at it's best:

Winter Blues Reading Material + XC Magazine's Tuesday Tips Articles List. + Flytec Tips of the Week + Event Management Support
Thermaling Tips Wiki + Cross Country Coaching Manuals + RASP Wiki

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Fred Wilson
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 45
PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 02:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Entry Requirements

The Fly-In is open to all current financial members of the HPAC with some XC Experience outside of their Ratings Course.
(It is recommended that pilots with 3 to 10 hours XC Time complete a Thermalling Course before this event.)

Pilot numbers are limited to 150 on first in first accepted conditions.
The Event Organizer retains the right to decline any registration.
Registering Pilots must be paid members of their own local club. Failing a local club in their region, they will be expected to join the host club(s.)
All gliders must be certified (ie for Paragliders: AFNOR, DHV and / or CEN or be copies of gliders certified thus with the manufacturers statement of this in the competing pilot's possession.)

The Event Fee is $20 for competitors and wind technicians. Prizes are funded through sponsorship, donations and 50% of the event entrant fees generated.

Team Members are responsible for their own rides to launch, retrieves and (tree) rescues.
Organized meals are also aid for by the individual pilot, as are accommodation fees and any courses you decide to take.
Limited free camping with limited facilities (and no water) may be available on launch unless the Forest Fire Danger is too high.

A Protest Fee of $50 is payable on lodgement of a protest in line with Section 7 of the HPAC Competition Rule Book.

Task, Safety and Protest Committees:
As this is an Open Task (read Fun Event) there will be no Task Committee, but a Safety Committee and Protest Committee will be elected by the competitors from the pool of pilots and Coaches.
The Safety Committee will set a general Flight Task for each day and this will be so marked on the task board along with "out of bounds" zones, including Victor Airways we must avoid for the day.

Flight Verification:
The Team Captain will aid each of the team pilots in Scoring on and XC World Contest XCanada.
A pilot my use either a GPS Download, the OSA FlyFest Sheet or "Pin a Map" to score.
If the Event Organizers and Pilots do not have computer access, this may have to be done in Sicamous.

As these will be Open Tasks, its is assumed that each and all pilots will act with integrity and the importance of Site Preservation in the Okanagan. :cheers:

Any Team found cheating will be asked to put on a suitable Comedy Play that evening's campfire, in Full Dress Regalia by way of an apology.
Come Prepared! :monkey:

The Club Cup / State Of Origin XC Camp Event will be held on VHF Aircraft Band 123.400 or 122.77(5) and the local club frequency TBD.
The Retrieve Crews should use VHF Aircraft Band 122.77(5) and another local club frequency TBD.

Thermalling and Hill Etiquette:
All Flying Sites have large, open launches, most sites having multiple launches, and as such we do not use an ordered launch system.
Before launch is opened, sort your gear and lay out your wing, then bunch up Paragliders and clear launch until you are ready to fly.
Each day a Thermalling direction will be declared. This means that in the thermal above the flying site of the day a one Km Radius
(Two Km Circumference, inside of which all pilots will turn in the same direction.)
Advanced Hang Glider Pilots will mark good thermals for Paragliders throughout the Start Cylinder and course line, then clear out before the airspace becomes uncomfortable for novice pilots.

The Enderby VOR is directly SE of Skyline Launch. It and the three major Victor Airways heading west from the VOR is used by virtually EVERY aircraft in Canada flying in or out of Vancouver and Kelowna (11th busiest in Canada) Airports.
Hang Glider and Paraglider Pilots by law, must remain 1000' below the Victor Airway, which drops a level at the Enderby Gap.
Hang Glider and Paraglider Pilots are strongly encouraged to get their HAGAR.
- By law, you must have their HAGAR to fly most sites in this region and Canada.
The Event Organizers will apply for a NOTAM for the Event. Likewise, OSA is applying for a CYA, activated by NOTAM for the airspace typically used for SIV Courses and for sled rides here to the Piano Lz's. (Spanish for Bomb Out LZ)
Coopers Launch (Lumby) is well inside CYA 122 (A)(H) as are all XC Tasks held there. HAGAR is not a requirement. CYA 122 (A)(H) can be raised to 11,000' ASL for the duration of any event held there.

See: Hang Gliders & Controlled Airspace - which was written based the Mara Flying Site.
The HPAC HAGAR Study Guide and it's HAGAR VFR & LO Chart Study Guide

With the caveat that we are applying for a CYA for the event area this week including the airspace needed for SIV Courses and our Piano Lz's (Bombout LZ's in Spanish!)
- and a NOTAM for the Event, hopefully including a Temporary CYA covering all prospective XC Routes.

Precedence for this was re-establised last year at the Pemberton Cdn PG Nats, based on events held at Yamaska Quebec.
(where they also obtained the legal right to fly XC Tasks across the US Border!!!) Shocked Very Happy See the relevant files at: http://hpac.ca/pub/doc/tcl/

Example: North Okanagan Enderby VOR Information for your study and reference purposes:

Winter Blues Reading Material + XC Magazine's Tuesday Tips Articles List. + Flytec Tips of the Week + Event Management Support
Thermaling Tips Wiki + Cross Country Coaching Manuals + RASP Wiki

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Fred Wilson
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 45
PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 04:09 pm    Post subject: Cross Country Coaching Clinic Outline. Reply with quote

Cross Country Coaching Clinic Outline.
Feel free to copy and use at your own discretion.

Proof Read Please!
Input and suggestions are gratefully accepted. Txn Fred Wilson ftlwilson@shaw.ca Cell: 250-309-6651 Skype ID: Kalamalka@shaw.ca

Godfrey Wenness wrote:
These are my Paragliding classes for this type of event:
Fun (EN-A & B and <150 hrs), Sport (EN-C), Serial (Regular EN-D) , Comp (Comp EN-D).
2x in Open Class as well.

Proposed Cross Country Coaching Clinic - a World HPAC XContest supported Regional XCamp.

What is it:
A Comprehensive Advanced Hang Glider and Paragliding Cross Country Coaching Fly In.

Who is it for:
Pilots wanting to improve their Flying and Thermalling Skills and who are ready and interested in transitioning into XC flying with all it's educational and uplifting learning curves.

The XC Clinic Course Contents include, but are not limited to:
. . .Thermalling Skills (Wiki);
. . .Cross Country Coaching including Team & Gaggle Flying expanding into Competition Flying Skills;
. . .Speed to fly and Using Your (HG & PG) Speedbar;
• Andrew Berkley: . . .Micro Meteorology including RASP and XC Skies plus Atmospheric Soundings (Winds Aloft) weather feeds to optimize your day.
. . .Canadian Airspace
• Fred Wilson: . . .Applied use of FIC Advanced Pilot Weather Briefing including Filing your "HAGAR";
. . .Instruments (use of) - Vario & GPS; (Make sure to bring your own GPS download cable.)
. . .Pilot, Team and Gaggle Flying,
. . .Ground Crew and Event Director Decision Making;
. . .HG Turbulence Tactics, and PG Canopy Instability & Active Flying;
• Jim Ongena: . . .Fear Management Clinic;
• Jim Ongena: . . .Wilderness First Aid (Patient Treatment Charting) More Info here;
• Jim Ongena: . . .Tree Rescue;
. . - . . .Tree Rescue Equipment and Courses;
• Fred Wilson - HG, PG TBD: . . .Reserve Deployment Repack Session; (mental practice and tactics.)

. . .Ratings License Progressions and Sign-Offs Curriculums; (TBD)
. . .HAGAR Study Sessions (Training Seminars on Transport Canada Controlled Airspace Regulations applicable to Hang Gliding and Paragliding, to prepare you for their Exam.)

Pilots are expected to have read the Thermalling Tips Wiki and Cross Country Coaching Manuals noting more here. (Note: constant updates.)
- Pilots will be split into groups led by experienced XC Pilots. Instructors are welcomed and encouraged to bring groups.
- Tailored Courses will bring Group up to speed in their weaker areas.

Those of you lucky enough to have a FlyTec USA 6030 or 6020 Vario, have one of the best XC manuals available for ALL of us XC / GPS mindset folks.
- If you have a much older FlyTec USA 6030 or 6020 your dealer can obtain an updated manual for you. Trust me, its worth every penny and then some.

Flight Decks capable of downloading your flights to Canada's XC Contest are an advantage.
See: http://www.xcontest.org/canada/en/

Smart Phone (with data plan) Apps such as:
. .a) Android XC Track (which plugs into and is produced by XContest); and
. .b) iPhone's Flyskyhy are capable substitutes.
. .c) SeeYou (+ its Recorder) are the professional version used by competitors.

Glympse (iPhone / Android) is the poor man's "Spot." Ideal for retrieves, it can track you for up to 4 hours.
The LINE Communications App will be used to coordinated the days activity and for In-Flight Safety / Notifications.

Entry Requirements:
HPAC Novice Rating or equivalent, Radio and / or Cell, Reserve Parachute, water, suncream, wide brimmed hat, good shoes, a retrieve driver, the burning urge driving you to go Cross country and a desire for adventure in unexplored country!

Course Format: the course starts at 9:00 am and with courses presented on launch and in the evening at the site deemed most suitable for the day.

Practical Instruction Includes but is not limited to:
1. . . .Launching - solve launch problems and learn to choose the best moment to launch. GoPro Vidoe analysis.
2. . . .XCountry - we will guide you to house thermals, up to base, off and away to the goal each team sets in the morning. Teams should include at least one experienced member. Female Teams will be encouraged.
3. . . .Comps - attempt a task under our guidance.
4. . . .Safety - prevent, control and recover from (HG) stalls, spins, (PG) deflations and in flight mental “practice deployments” of your reserve.

Fly Hills and Mara are the best and most popular XC sites in the North Okanagan.
We will use the site with the best potential weather conditions.

Dates TBD.[/b]
2015 Tentative dates TBD are, as recommended by the Fly Hills LZ / Campground Owner: Ken Steiner, the last two weekends of May 2015.
So May 23 - 24th and (rain days) May 30 - 31st 2015. Weekend warriors can go back to slaving away their daze. Those hanging out will get bonus days coaching mid week.
It should be quite the party!

How: The XC Camp size is restricted to ± ___ pilots (TBD) so make sure to book early to make sure you are not disappointed!
Come when you want, start when you want leave when the timing suites you.

Click here to book now if you have a GPS and are using XContest to record your flights for our event and Canada's new XC League!

How to Enter the XC Camp via XContest: click here.

Let us know by email if you are joining us without a GPS. You are welcome too!
Fred Wilson (Hang Gliding) Email: ftlwilson@shaw.ca Cell: 1-250-309-6651 Skype ID: Kalama1ka

Mentor Program:
As in previous years, experienced XC Pilots will be encouraged to Team up with new pilots to guide them in the game (everything from tactics, to instruments, other tips, etc.).
Please indicate on the registration form whether you would be willing to be a mentor, or would be interested in learning from a mentor.
Mentor / new pilot groupings will be established and announced at the Initial Event Briefing.

Events don't happen without volunteers.
If you are interested in volunteering for this meet, please send us an email with what you would be interested in helping with, your help will be very much appreciated!
Retrieve drivers will be especially well treated and looked after!

Ian Jarman, 1995 HGFA Australia Administrator wrote:
"International standardization should be a CIVL/FAI goal.
. Reinventing something that already exists to an acceptable standard is a waste of our already scant time and manpower resources."

XC Camp Schedule Example:
Duration: One weekend through the next weekend (also reserved for "rain days")
± Week(end) one may be largely Hang Gliding.
± Week(end) two may be largely Paragliding.
Mid-Week coaching will continue for those of you who can get the time off from work.
Pilots of either persuasion are welcome and encouraged to attend both or either week(end)s.

Bottom Line:
* The proposal is for the Cross Country Coaching Fly-In to be run by a team comprised of our top BC Instructors, each teaching Clinics in their specialty area.
Instructors who chose to do so will teach their group of "students" in the air, on task.
The Fee for the event is TBD by the team of Instructors who will set a joint Fly-In Fee, plus individual fee's for students completely under their wing for the week.

* Note - I am willing to organized the event. I am a Master Rated pilot, Mentor, etc etc... and pilots who have been in the sport know that,
. .- but being out of the sport now, (due to MS) new pilots just think I am a good driver. So course coaching is best left to those the new pilots know and respect.

(Internationally, the first year as a "test / dry run is run at little or no cost. However our instructors have extensive experience teaching these clinics.)
Winter Blues Reading Material + XC Magazine's Tuesday Tips Articles List. + Flytec Tips of the Week + Event Management Support
Thermaling Tips Wiki + Cross Country Coaching Manuals + RASP Wiki
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