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Announcing the XCXC Series!!!

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Mark Dowsett
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 9
PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 08:32 am    Post subject: Announcing the XCXC Series!!! Reply with quote

The XCXC Series - "Cross-Country Across the Country" - is a new, year-long event for pilots of all levels. Specifically, the Series will be comprised of single day events organized at local sites, but scored on a national basis.

We want to help bond our pilots from coast-to-coast in friendly rivalry in a series that is simple to organize, simple to score, simple to understand, and attractive for pilots of ALL levels. And, we want to give new organizers the support they need to learn and succeed.

For an organizer: when you see a good forecast coming for your local site, announce your intention to hold a series event with 48 hours notice, attract your local pilots to join you at whatever site you choose, declare a single-day task, and help participants complete the scoring for their flight. For pilots: show up, attend the briefing, turn on your GPS (required) and fly the task.

TASKS? They are Cross-Country tasks but made to be simple and appropriate for your site. Options include...
- Open Distance, similar to what the Willi has been in the past.
- Laps, like the Lumby Air Races, where you define a few points and try to go around them as many times you can.
- Cats Cradle - define a number of turnpoints and people can only use each one once.

And it's all about distance (you can have racing tasks, but may make things more complicated). No requirement for launch times, start times or land-by times. The last thing we want to do is tell you when to fly or for how long!!

(Note: We are hoping that long-standing events like the Lumby Air Races or Willi will allow for XCXC series events to overlap their competition. In these cases you will be required to enter the larger event - with some modifications to encourage more flying - and abide by the rules of that competition to have your participation qualify for scoring in the XCXC series.)

COSTS? A one-time, annual $25. This allows you to participate in as many XCXC events as you can get to all year. There will be a way to pay via Paypal (goes to the HPAC) so a task organizer may not have to collect fees at the event (if everyone pays in advance).

WHAT'S IN IT FOR AN ORGANIZER? You can learn about meet organization and scoring in a lower stress environment. A primary goal of the series is to encourage more organizers to step up and get involved - we need more competitive opportunities to develop pilots skills, and that can only happen with more organizers. And you can make a little money for your trouble - not much, but enough to cover some expenses! This Series is supported by the HPAC and we are paying organizers a bit for their efforts in putting these simple tasks together. You need to get at least five pilots to your task to get paid.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR PILOTS? You get more opportunities to hone your flying skills in a competitive environment. The task options, scoring method and simplified rules are designed to encourage you to fly as long and as often as you can. Where a XCXC event overlaps a racing type event, the rules of the XCXC should reduce your stress level while you gain experience with that style of competition. And let's face it - who doesn't like an opportunity to show your buddies who is the top pilot on the day.

PRIZES? You bet! Cash to the year-end winners in each of these classes...
- Aces - top ten ranked pilots according to
- Rookies - new to XC and competition.
- Intermediates - all the rest.
This keeps the rivalries going as you're only learning perform against pilots of your own skill level.

SCORES? All tasks (day events) will have the same weighting no matter what site you are at, whether it be the big-air of Golden or a ridge race on the coast. Winners all get the same winning score (as long as there are enough participants). Series winners will have to compete at a variety of sites to maximize their scores - we want to encourage people to get out and experience flying different places and conditions.

ORGANIZATION? The theme is "keep it simple". We'll provide forms for organizers to jot down entrants, keep track of entry fees received at the event, and submit pilot scores. If you need help as an organizer, we'll make sure you get it. We want you and your event to succeed, because we want you to do it again.

HOW TO GET STARTED? If you are an organizer, just announce your task on the HPAC YahooGroup and on GoFlyXC (where the scores will be posted) and get your friends flying with you! If you are a pilot wanting some competition, look for a link coming soon to sign up for the series, then get out and fly as many series events as you can.

MORE INFORMATION? Go to: http://goflyxc.com/xcxc
We expect to have to work out some kinks over the year. Please be patient. You can also call or email us.

Kindly distribute this on any and all club websites & forums (Canadian or not) you can - we need to get the word out pronto.

Many thanks, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.
Mark Dowsett - mark@dowsett.ca
Randy Parkin - randy@keyinc.com
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Mark Dowsett
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 9
PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 08:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This weekend, the Coupe Quebec (http://goflyxc.com/2009/coupe_quebec) and the Mt Swansea XC (http://flyingmax.com/events/index.htm) events will be rolling out the XCXC Series....a first weekend and we already have participation coast-to-coast!
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Serge Lamarche
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 37
Location: Golden
PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 02:42 pm    Post subject: link broken, Mark Reply with quote

Hi Mark,
this link is broken or incorrect:



Le lien suivant est incorrect: http://goflyxc.com/xcxc

Visitez/visit mt7.ca
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Mark Dowsett
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 9
PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2009 09:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

fixed now
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