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Executive Director Contract?

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Martin Henry
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 30
PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:10 pm    Post subject: Executive Director Contract? Reply with quote

Continued discussion from the 2018 AGM....


Searched high and low for the Email supposedly forwarded from the BOD to the members regarding the duties of the Executive Director and have been unable to find anything. Could a member of the BOD please post the information here?


Martin Henry
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David Edgar
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 2
PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 01:44 pm    Post subject: Search your mailboxes I found it quite easily. Reply with quote

This report was created in response to member requests for more information about the work of the HPAC Office. HPAC will release a similar report annually going forward.
2017 was another hugely busy year for the HPAC Office, which is staffed by HPAC’s only staff, the Executive Director. The membership number was consistently above 1000 members, swelling to 1100+ during the 2017 season with Temporary memberships, and a consistent net membership increase year to year.
The services provided by HPAC’s National Office fall into three major categories.
A. Membership and other Services
• Site Development Support to clubs/pilot groups engaged in new site development in 2017 (in BC, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon); documents in support of site development were drafted when requested; referrals to other pilots with experience in site development; fielding questions from landowners, government entities, corporations (ie. mountain resorts) regarding the sports, safety, and site management planning
• Site Insurance Certificates issued upon request by Clubs and members (34)
• Communications: Phone call volume to the Office increased substantially as did e-mail
traffic (ca. 2870 incoming e-mails) on topics as diverse as clarifications re the SOP’s; rating requirements; missing certifications that pilots thought they had earned; instructor inquiries; visiting pilot inquiries; pilots wishing to convert foreign ratings; complaints from landowners or other pilots regarding activities at some sites; inquiries from general public; HPAC project and volunteer coordination, conference call meetings and related document writing; etc.
Note: The HPAC Office has been available to take phone calls and respond to email 5 days per week since 2013 due to member contact volume, before that it was staffed 3 days per week and prior to 2011 only 1.5 days per week.
• The Launch Newsletter: Three newsletters written and distributed through Mailchimp to all members; the Mailchimp reports indicate very high open rates for our newsletter (averaging in the 70 percentile)
• Support to all HPAC Committees and Coordination of Committee Activities, including scheduling and document review and drafting, where requested
• Director Elections: Three regional elections were conducted in 2017: Yukon, Québec and Alberta; this included call for nominations, acquiring statements from each candidate, receiving and recording votes in each region for each candidate, communicating results to members; more candidates than ever ran in 2017: 3 in Québec, 2 in Yukon, and 4 in Alberta;
• Supervision of Webteam, Translators and other project-specific sub-contractors
• Budgetary Reporting to Treasurer monthly, and disbursements in accordance with the
Board-approved budget and in consultation with the HPAC Treasurer
• Preparation and distribution of Welcome packages to new members (ca.200 new
members in 2017) and ordering and distribution of permanent member cards to all pilots
achieving a minimum P2 or H2 rating
• Preparation, Framing and Distribution of 2017 Award Certificates, as awarded by the
Board of Directors (12)
• Manual E-mail Confirmation of all membership renewals and ratings submissions due
to a data capacity issue with the current website for a two-month period in the middle of
the 2017 season, before the issue was resolved.
• Database Entry of all valid new memberships, mailed-in renewals, temporary
memberships from competitions and visitors, pilot ratings and endorsements, instructor certifications and re-certifications, First Aid, HAGAR etc. Volume in a season is ca. 1500 transactions

B. Annual Director Meeting 2017
• Drafting of Agenda in consultation with the HPAC President and preparation, collection and distribution of all meeting materials
• Management of all Meeting Prep and Logistics (air travel, accommodation, meeting arrangements, call-in meeting participants)
• Preparation of Meeting Minutes and Distribution C. Committee and Special Projects
• Instructor Certification Task Force: Coordination of Task Force Communication, including conference calls, writing of document components
• Safety and CSI (Council of Senior Instructors): Production of HG1/HG2 Training Logbook in progress with Mark Dowsett who developed the HG Logbook
• Legal Issues: Ongoing coordination with HPAC legal general counsel and specific counsel regarding ongoing law suit Godinez-Orders; coordination also with BCHPA and West Coast Soaring Club on this case
• Drafting of Disciplinary Letters, acting upon BoD instructions and in consultation with Steve Kurth, Board Member for Yukon (Disciplinary Issues Portfolio).
• Insurance: at the direction of the Board, negotiated a new insurance policy with our broker which would include insuring minors as members and students
• Competition:
1) as a result of notifications from FAI regarding the requirement of participation in anti-doping efforts, and the identification of the Centre of Ethics in Sport as the designate agency in Canada for enforcement, consulted with CCES and the Competition Committee as to the implementation of an anti-doping program in Canada;
2) coordination and document prep to reconcile possible conflict issues between Willi competition event and HPAC SOP 410;
3) coordination of efforts by members and Board member Eric Olivier and Competition Committee members to add Accuracy competitions to the HPAC competition menu (in progress)
• International Consultation:
1) Coordinated proxies for USHPA to vote on HPAC’s behalf at CIVL Meetings (in consultation with Stewart Midwinter, HPAC FAI Rep);
2) Wrote request and rationale to Oesterreichischer Aero-Club for Canada to be included in the Austrian international pre-approved association list (Canada and the US had been mysteriously left off that list) – decision pending;
3) Addressed Hong Kong Association complaint about Hong Kong instructors advertising HPAC and USHPA ratings; consultation with USHPA as the HK instructors have USHPA ratings but are no longer able to assign USHPA ratings outside USA
• Organizational Renewal Project (formally started in 2013 for a projected two-year period, extended and expected to be complete in mid-2018) to do a complete and overdue overhaul of all governance, update existing outdated SOP’s, all membership procedures, committees – Safety, Instruction, Competition, Awards etc., communications with new constituencies: landowners, general public; branding the organization; production of new instructional materials; creation of a new Council of Senior Instructors to oversee instruction in Canada, etc. etc.) For a complete Organizational Renewal Plan and current status report, please contact the Office).
1) Coordinate additional SOP updates (with HPAC V.P. Nick Jones) related to Board of Directors SOP, Instructor Certification SOP, Instructor Code of Conduct SOP, Membership SOP), and communication and implementation
2) Websites: completed developing the architecture of the new HPAC/ACVL websites (beta.hpac.ca) (beta.acvl.ca) focusing on how members require access to HPAC information

3) Creating updated front-end content for the new website hpac.ca (can be seen at beta.hpac.ca and beta.acvl.ca) (with the exception of the Safety and Competition sections on the new sites); content written in consultation with members and focused on the actions that members need to take on the site and the information that they seek; it also accommodated all instructor requirements, visiting pilots, landowners and general public; Simultaneous translation of all content so that acvl.ca was being developed simultaneously with hpac.ca; Direct coordination with developers; HPAC VP Nick Jones became the Board liaison with the web developers at the Annual Director meeting in May 2017; completed the front-end WordPress sites September 2017, work on back-end Member Management System continues, for completion in 2018 and integration with the WordPress sites.
Respectfully Submitted by Margit Nance
Executive Director
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Martin Henry
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 30
PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 07:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Might take more then one beer to digest.

Thank you for posting

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Martin Henry
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 30
PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Probably a very good thing this thread resides in a deep backwater of the internet (good for administration of the HPAC?). Supporting its obscurity is the total apathy of the membership. Of course, in fairness to the members, a cause needs interest and the HPAC is about as interesting as.. hmmm.. watching a inkjet printer push out another form?

We can assume that all of the excitement and interest in the operation and expenditures the HPAC is over and the directors and administration are free to do whatever they want. (my clan of supporters and complainers have all abandoned me Wink .... rumors have it that they are serving fresh custard at the old folks home? )

I've read through the office activity report from 2017, it simply reinforces my position that we have become totally reliant on a single person for the operation of the association. If that person were to die today (and no ill health intended here….), the association would be pooched.

We have made paper more important than pilots. It is a well-oiled bureaucratic machine that exceeds our needs and has become so self-important it need not answer to anyone. Of course, the members really don’t care or fathom what is needed so it must be left up to the machine to tell us what is important?

Perhaps I could give it one more shot at trying to make my point regarding creating something greater then we need with this analogy:

We need transportation so we decided to go out and buy a Ferrari LaFerrari (for those uninitiated in the world of super cars... its a very nice car). Its an amazing car, cutting edge everything.... it's even a "save the whales" ecofriendly hybrid!. wow look at it... it’s just stunning.
Trouble is, we should have bought a 2008 Toyota Corolla, would have dealt with our transportation needs and we could afford to maintain and use it. Instead, we can't make the payments on the Ferrari so there is sits, totally useless but by god, it sure looks great! Oh my... here come the bank and they are taking our amazing car... we spent all our money; the car is gone and we have nothing.

So, I have some good news for the directors and administration of the HPAC! I'm handing in my notice... I will no longer pursue this stuff, after all, it gets lonely being a watch dog of the HPAC.

Life is too short to care about the HPAC so I'm giving the title of "pain in the neck" back to "energizer bunny" Serge.


Martin Henry
(HPAC/ACVL member 02.... unless somebody hits delete?)
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