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Sport Class Championships

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Fred Wilson
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 05:11 pm    Post subject: Sport Class Championships Reply with quote

From: http://ozreport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=35401
and: http://ozreport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=126748

What do you think about the proposed "tasks" and scoring? With Spot landing and landing form being a component of the scoring, it hardly seems like the organizers have Open Class pilots flying kingposted gliders in mind.

From the Sport Class World Championships Event web page - (I can not find the French Version!)

Event classification: First Category Event
Type of event: World Championship
Disciplines / Task Styles: Hang Gliding
Class 1 - Sport Class Cross Country

Place: Annecy (France)
Date(s): 21 Jun to 05 Jul 2014
Website: http://dca.ffvl.fr/hg2014/index.php/en/

1. Competition Organisation
Tasks Planning:

3 and 4 July: free tasks (training).
5 to 10 July: 6 free tasks days.
5 to 10 July: 6 technical demonstration and landing accuracy days.
11 and 12 July: 2 match race days.

2. Definition of the Proposed Tasks Types
a. Free Task
The aim is to fly the longest possible distance while coming back to goal. The pilots fly in the direction they think the best.
When turning to start a new leg, they create their own turnpoint. The recorded tracks will be analysed to give the longest distance along the authorised number of legs.
This has to be realised in the authorised area. Not coming back to goal will result in an important malus.

Each Task is defined by:
- A certain number of authorised legs (2 to 4).
The first leg starts always from the launch (even if an air start is organised). The last leg ends always at the landing place.
- An authorised flying area.
This can be a circle, a polygon or an axis (in that last case, the distances will be measured by an othogonal projection on this axis).
The legs will be calculated only inside of the flying area, even if a turnpoint is outside of it.
- An authorised flying time.
The time limitation is defined by two ways:
A deadline for coming back to goal or stopping the task in case of simultaneous starts.
A fixed flying time, the same for all pilots in case of individual starts.

Before the score calculation, each pilot's flight is expressed in km.
The pilots that made goal get all the km really flown (projected on legs between the turnpoints). The pilots that didn't make goal get their distance reduced.
The scoring will be done with the program CARGOL, which easily deals with those types of tasks, and was deeply tested at a national level (same results as FS on speed tasks).
This type of tasks allows often the meet director to still take benefit of difficult weather, and gives many possibilities to the pilots while avoiding dangerous areas.
The competition safety is enhanced by this type of tasks, as:
The task area is precisely defined.
Coming back to goal is favoured.
No difficult spots (pass, lee…) are imposed to pilots of varied levels.

b. Technical Demonstration and Landing Accuracy
During each free task (as defined above), arrival to goal may be linked with a landing accuracy task. Any pilot missing goal won't take part in this score. The maximum accuracy score is 100.
The pilots' scores will depend on:
The distance between their landing point and the target.
The landing's technical quality.

The Landing Point is considered as:
The first contact point with ground if the pilot is still before the target.
The run finishing point if the pilot is already beyond the target.
The style note will be given by judges, based on objective criteria, and will be checked by video analysis if needed.
The scoring parameters are then based on two criteria, of which the style will be valued more than the precision.
For instance, a poor but precise landing will get few points, while a nice landing further from target center will get a good score.
This task favours again the pilots making goal.
It's a safety factor, tending to reduce the number of outlandings, and furthermore makes easier the pilots' positions check at the end of the day.

c. Match Race
After the first six competition days, the first 16 ranked will take part in the class Sport preworlds finals during two days.
The match race system comes from sailing. There are short races between two competitors.
The circuit to run needs only one or two thermals, for a maximum distance of a few km.
Both pilots launch at the same time, and the first in goal wins.
The goal will be generally at the same place as the launch (top landing).
A suited site is necessary for these tasks, and the organising team has Le Semnoz available and perfectly adapted for that.
The principle, like in a tournament, will be to name the winner after four rounds with direct elimination.
The safety will be improved by selecting the best pilots (16 pilots from the first six competition days), what will ensure a high technical level.
The low number of pilots in the air at the same time reduces the gaggle flying risk. The launch on the ground will also avoid waiting in flight before an air start.
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