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NameCity, Province, CountryMem #Mem ExpiresHAGAR #HG RatingPG RatingClub
Nabil AltaiToronto, On, Canada527413-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS CRAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Milko AnguloToronto, On, Canada270728-Jul-20185802-825260Intermediate TS AT HPAC, High Perspective, SOGA
Mark BalukToronto, On, Canada55716-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR TAir Vision Adventures ltd., CVLY, HPAC
Abdullah BaydasMississauga, On, Canada595914-Oct-2018  1 Beginner TAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Clive BeddallPickering, On, Canada73228-Dec-2018U2959574 TS GT AT High Perspective, SOGA
Marc BelangerOshawa, On, Canada17267-Aug-20185802-389196Intermediate UFO
Stephen BellerbyToronto, On, Canada37033-Jul-2018 3 Intermediate CR AT SOGA
Steve BennOshawa, On, Canada526030-Aug-2018 2 Novice GT AT High Perspective, IWI, SOGA
Mike BerdineNewmarket, On, Canada595313-Oct-2018  1
Mark BourbonnaisClarksburg, On, Canada76516-Mar-20195802-7428284A  
Eric BrentStoney Creek, On, Canada233719-Feb-20195802-220295 IntermediateAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Greg BurgessBrockville, On, Canada33208-Feb-20195802-813455IntermediateAdvancedHPAC, OHPC
Gabriel "Gabe" CarriereCornwall, On, Canada44582-May-2018  NoviceHPAAC
Pavel ChuchkalovToronto, On, Canada473527-Aug-2018  Intermediate 
Tiberiu M. CiociPenetanguishene, On, Canada564430-Sep-2018 2 Novice GT High Perspective
Sean CobhamToronto, On, Canada582122-Mar-2018 2 Novice GT High Perspective
Carlos CordidoDOUGLAS, On, Canada269625-Jun-20185802-512043 4 Advanced TS CR SIV 
Herminio CordidoDOUGLAS, On, Canada269525-Jun-20185802-509120 Advanced 
Erik CoverdaleGuelph, On, Canada495712-Jun-20185802-831241Novice GT AT SOGA
Omar DabaghiOttawa, On, Canada503818-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRGOFreeFly
Ray DauphineeOshawa, On, Canada33627-Mar-20195802-817290Intermediate TS GT AT2 Novice CR THigh Perspective
Mario De Sousa CostaAurora, On, Canada581213-Dec-2018  1 Beginner TAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Lonny DelaneyGeorgetown, On, Canada51219-Jul-20185802-8440602 Novice GT IWI
Timothy DeschampsAlma, On, Canada508217-May-20185802-8273763 Intermediate TS GT AT TOGA
Brian DiedenhofenCarrying Place, On, Canada301028-Jan-2019YZP2888172 Novice TS GT AT FGS, HPAC, TOGA
Mark DowsettKitchener, On, Canada167818-Sep-20185802-788183Advanced TS CR GT ATAdvancedIWI
Ronald DSouzaMississauga, On, Canada566021-Jun-2018 2 Novice GT High Perspective
Stephan GadzosManotick, On, Canada533519-May-2018ATPL AA355729 2 Novice CRGOFreeFly, HPAC
Stefan GafencuMississauga, On, Canada593323-Jul-2018  1 Beginner CR TAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Gary HallBurlington, On, Canada128613-Aug-20185802-803517Intermediate  
Scott R. HamiltonSudbury, On, Canada592323-Jul-2018D351507 2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Norvel Hernandez CobasOttawa, On, Canada377212-Apr-20185802-906519 AdvancedHPAC
Matt HindleMunster, On, Canada558214-Jun-2018920746 2 Novice TS CRAltitude Vol Libre
Rick HinesHamilton, On, Canada9032-Jun-2018XDP-3058404 TS AT SOGA
Dylan HorstElmira, On, Canada595026-Sep-2018 2 Novice GT AT IWI
Aleksandrs IvanovsToronto, On, Canada558627-Apr-2018 2 Novice TS GT High Perspective
Nicolas "Nick" JonesKitchener, On, Canada474626-Jun-2018RP823812Intermediate TS GT AT SOGA
Steve Keppel-JonesOttawa, On, Canada20359-Jun-20185802-809050Intermediate OHPC
Tanvir KhanToronto, On, Canada533826-Feb-2019 2 Novice GT High Perspective
Ken KinzieKitchener, On, Canada5977-Mar-20195802-745980Advanced TS GT AT SOGA
Matt LehmanStouffville, On, Canada546126-Sep-20185802-8440622 Novice TS GT AT High Perspective
Michael L'EnfantMidland, On, Canada9481-Oct-2018 2 Novice GT AT IWI
David T. LlewellynKeswick, On, Canada257629-May-20185802-809895Advanced FGS
Steven LoeffenToronto, On, Canada593830-Jul-2018 2 Novice GT High Perspective
Leslaw LopatMilton, On, Canada50187-Aug-2018 Novice GT AT SOGA
Nichola LoudiadisOttawa, On, Canada548320-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Martin MacLeodWaterloo, On, Canada68411-Jun-20185802-802893Intermediate TOGA
Darek MagusiakLondon, On, Canada491426-Feb-20195802-828043 4 Advanced TS CR T SIVHPAC,
Graziano MeleWhitby, On, Canada50072-Aug-2018 Novice TS GT AT TOGA
Jagdish MinhasKitchener, On, Canada536914-Jul-20185802-8385012 Novice GT AT IWI
Paul MorrisOttawa, On, Canada242214-Jan-20195802-806716Intermediate OHPC
Cory "Fluffy Nuts" MurdyHuntsville, On, Canada50194-Jan-2019  NoviceGOFreeFly
Glen MyrlandToronto, On, Canada517411-Mar-20195802-8361292 Novice GT High Perspective
Patrick O'DonnellLondon, On, Canada323519-May-2019 Intermediate TS AT HPAC
Carlos Alberto "Mig29" Olivera PerezOttawa, On, Canada339024-Dec-2018 -IntermediateHPAC
Isabel O'SullivanOttawa, On, Canada49026-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRGOFreeFly
Dan PicheBurlington, On, Canada512215-Jul-2018 2 Novice TS GT AT IWI
John PierceNewmarket, On, Canada584218-May-2018 --Air Vision Adventures ltd.
Rodney PietersBurlington, On, Canada60041-Sep-2018  -Air Vision Adventures ltd.
Raymond PigdenBlackstock, On, Canada26574-Aug-20185802-814609AdvancedNoviceUFO
Ryan PintoToronto, On, Canada60051-Sep-2018  1 Beginner TAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Erik PletToronto, On, Canada496822-Mar-2018 Novice  
Ambrose PoonOttawa, On, Canada36286-Sep-2018  NoviceOHPC
John PopWaterloo, On, Canada106027-Jun-20185802-755217Intermediate TS GT AT SOGA
Rod RegierKitchener, On, Canada510829-May-20185802-8371413 Intermediate TS GT AT IWI
Ernest "Ernie" ReimerFeversham, On, Canada55418-Oct-20185802-840026 2 Novice TS CR TAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Ian RichardsSt. Jacobs, On, Canada33614-Jun-2018  NoviceAir Vision Adventures ltd., GBHPC
Michael RobertsonLocust Hill, On, Canada68913-Jan-20195802-294995Master TS CR GT AT High Perspective
Victor Rodriguez PerezMississauga, On, Canada55512-Dec-2018 2 Novice GT FGS, High Perspective
Raul SanchezEtobicoke, On, Canada323625-Jul-2018  Novice TS CR SIVGOFreeFly, OSA
Ron SibleyOakville, On, Canada171011-Jul-20185802-802591 Intermediate 
Philip SiscoeOttawa, On, Canada161315-Apr-20185802-427641Intermediate Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Adam Johannes "Johan" SnymanToronto, On, Canada513117-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Andrew StakhovToronto, On, Canada454426-Jan-20195802-825218Intermediate TS GT AT HPAC
Horatiu SzokeToronto, On, Canada55241-Oct-20185802-839468 3 Intermediate TS CR TAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Ute TheissMidland, On, Canada531422-Mar-2018 - IWI
Wolfgang TheissMidland, On, Canada531622-Mar-2018 - IWI
Kevin ThomsonKitchener, On, Canada3314-Jun-20185802-755221Master TS GT AT SOGA
Charlie TironeHamilton, On, Canada492116-May-20185802-834824Novice TS GT AT IWI
Ron Van BrenkLondon, On, Canada565212-Dec-20185802-8380042 Novice GT AT IWI
William "Willie" Van CaulartStoney Creek, On, Canada506926-Feb-2019P 3908933 Intermediate TS GT AT TOGA
Alexander G. Van der WeerdToronto, On, Canada538123-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Alexandru VatamanuAjax, On, Canada612315-Feb-2019  -Air Vision Adventures ltd.
Ernest VolnyanskyBrampton, On, Canada533716-Nov-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR 
Pete WallKitchener, On, Canada216511-Jun-20185802-8028953 Intermediate TS GT AT SOGA
Guilherme Hartenberg WatsonThornhill, On, Canada51912-Aug-2018 2 Novice GT High Perspective
Randal WeissToronto, On, Canada605416-Dec-2018 2 Novice GT IWI
John WelshToronto, On, Canada599421-Sep-2018  -Air Vision Adventures ltd.
Troy WhitmoreToronto, On, Canada301611-May-20185802-347957Intermediate TS GT AT SOGA
Keawe "Keawe" WongToronto, On, Canada501724-Oct-20185802-837919 4 Advanced TS CR T SIVAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Ryan WoodHamilton, On, Canada314827-Jul-20185802-431473Advanced TS GT AT-IWI, SOGA
Shane WrightElmsdale, On, Canada130113-Jun-20185802-755220Novice TS AT SOGA
Shuzhang YangToronto, On, Canada59757-Sep-2018  1 Beginner T 
Oleg YegorovToronto, On, Canada594130-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR TAir Vision Adventures ltd.
Nicoletta ZamparoWoodbridge, On, Canada592723-Jul-2018  1 Beginner


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