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NameCity, Province, CountryMem #Mem ExpiresHAGAR #HG RatingPG RatingClub
Cameron AhlefeldSherwood Park, Ab, Canada479711-Apr-2018PA4419113 Intermediate GT AT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Brianne ArnoldLake Louise, Ab, Canada588519-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Ryan AshenbrennerCalgary, Ab, Canada488831-Jan-20195802-445640 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Douglas BakerAirdrie , Ab, Canada561419-Jun-2018 2 Novice GT HPAC, Muller Wind Sports Ltd., RMHGL
Jason BatemanCalgary, Ab, Canada612215-Feb-2019 - Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Alfred M. BeattyCalgary, Ab, Canada475925-Jul-2018  NoviceParaglide Canada
Kelcey BellBonnyville, Ab, Canada467128-May-2018  2 Novice TSMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Tyrell BellowsCalgary, Ab, Canada58996-Jul-2018  1 Beginner CR 
Andrew "AlpineAndy54" BessererCalgary, Ab, Canada26301-Aug-2018  NoviceMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Spencer BisleyLethbridge, Ab, Canada542823-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR 
John BouwmeesterSturgeon County, Ab, Canada201613-Jul-2018 - WCSC
Chris BrayCALGARY, Ab, Canada47444-Jun-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVParaglide Canada
Michael BremnerCalgary, Ab, Canada595714-Oct-2018  -Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Matthew BrintonCalgary, Ab, Canada582311-Apr-2018 2 Novice GT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Kennedy BrooksSt. Albert, Ab, Canada572317-Jan-2019  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Matej BudajKananaskis, Ab, Canada53022-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Harvey (Sam) BuddEdmonton, Ab, Canada587013-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Ashley BurnsCalgary, Ab, Canada463728-Jun-2018  NoviceParaglide Canada
Elizabeth BurtonCalgary, Ab, Canada598722-Nov-2018 1 Beginner Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Bruce BusbyCalgary, Ab, Canada166929-Sep-20185802-351587Advanced-AHPA
Felix CantesanuEdmonton, Ab, Canada55894-May-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR AT2 Novice TS CR 
Gary CarrDidsbury, Ab, Canada46418-Apr-20185802-4287113 Intermediate TS GT AT HPAC, Infinity Hang Gliding School
Thomas CherneyCalgary, Ab, Canada568029-Jun-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Chad ChudykCalgary, Ab, Canada401923-Jul-20185802-442077 Advanced 
Jason ChychulRed Deer, Ab, Canada452013-Oct-20185802-4264742 Novice TS GT4 Advanced TS CR T SIVFreedom Flying School, HPAC, Lumby Air Force, Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Robert ClarksonCalgary, Ab, Canada254511-Jul-2018PA47038Advanced TS CR GT AT RMHGL
Kevin CollisonBanff, Ab, Canada59808-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIV 
Glenn ComfortCalgary, Ab, Canada9113-Jun-20185802-423588 IntermediateCochrane Hang Gliding Club
Carrie CorbinCochrane, Ab, Canada316727-Jul-2018P362144 IntermediateAHPA, HPAC
David CorbinCochrane, Ab, Canada6165-Aug-20185802-786348Advanced4 Advanced TS CR SIVMt. Swansea
Kurtis CraigEdmonton, Ab, Canada593629-Jul-2018 - Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Brian "Bronco" CuthbertsonEdmonton, Ab, Canada229719-Apr-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR GT AT  
Mark DammCochrane, Ab, Canada515724-Jun-2018423670 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Jonathan DartonCalgary, Ab, Canada476925-May-20185802-445646 NoviceAHPA, Canmore, Golden Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club, HPAC, Mt. Swansea, Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Lucille de BeaudrapEdmonton, Ab, Canada52313-Aug-20185802-423435 AdvancedGolden Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club
Ian DusomeCalgary, Ab, Canada58892-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Matthew EllardHigh River, Ab, Canada48135-Jan-2019  2 Novice TS 
Christopher EllisCalgary, Ab, Canada596920-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Anthony EvansCold Lake, Ab, Canada50612-Jan-2019PPL 379001 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIV 
Wendy FawcettEdmonton, Ab, Canada511620-Oct-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR GT AT FGS
Mark FlorenceCalgary, Ab, Canada424924-Jun-20185802-447487 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Luke FowlerExshaw, Ab, Canada595514-Oct-2018  -Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Marc FreedmanHinton, Ab, Canada587213-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Nathan FroehlerCalgary, Ab, Canada568328-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Will GaddCanmore, Ab, Canada263425-May-20185802-472953 MasterAHPA, HPAC
Andreas GampCalgary, Ab, Canada136423-Feb-20185802-423589 NoviceCochrane Hang Gliding Club
Edward GaoCalgary, Ab, Canada584118-May-2018 - Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
René GeberBanff, Ab, Canada534219-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS SIV 
Jonathan GodinCanmore, Ab, Canada335822-May-2018  NoviceMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Adam GordonCalgary, Ab, Canada459112-Aug-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Lee GreenBanff, Ab, Canada55559-Feb-2019  2 Novice TS 
Erik GrovesCalgary, Ab, Canada44294-Aug-20185802-442100 IntermediateMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Brian HaasCalgary, Ab, Canada270516-Mar-20185802-4456413 Intermediate TS GT AT AHPA, HPAC, Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
David HaasCalgary, Ab, Canada270616-Mar-20185802-4420914 Advanced TS CR GT AT AHPA, HPAC, Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Ian HaighCalgary, Ab, Canada420414-Sep-20185802-445634 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
John HaighCochrane, Ab, Canada8894-Jul-20185802-429514 AdvancedCochrane Hang Gliding Club
William HammondEdmonton, Ab, Canada56421-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Jenna HansonEdmonton, Ab, Canada512724-Jun-2018 2 Novice GT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Leif HansonWetaskiwin, Ab, Canada279917-Mar-2018 Intermediate TS CR GT AT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Gerald HeinrichsCalgary, Ab, Canada568630-Jun-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Robin HelsdonGrande Prairie, Ab, Canada599330-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS TAir Adventure Flight School Ltd.
Garth HendersonTurner Valley, Ab, Canada8621-Jun-20185802-420979 AdvancedCanmore
Tyson HildebrandtCarstairs, Ab, Canada59066-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Dan "Danno" HillCalgary, Ab, Canada47716-Aug-20185802-445638 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Robert HinspergerCalgary, Ab, Canada263110-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Daniel HodorekCalgary, Ab, Canada545426-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Alasdair HoggCanmore, Ab, Canada585428-May-2018  2 Novice TS 
Brandon HopkinsCochrane, Ab, Canada59026-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Meggie HouleCalgary, Ab, Canada569122-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Alana HudsonCalgary, Ab, Canada568129-Jun-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
John JanssenCalgary, Ab, Canada53428-May-20185802-423604Master TS CR GT AT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Darryl JenkinsCalgary, Ab, Canada595614-Oct-2018  -Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Ahmed KamissCalgary, Ab, Canada58676-Jun-2018 - Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Clayton KargCochrane, Ab, Canada24362-May-2018  NoviceHPAC
Doug KellerFoothills, Ab, Canada46914-May-20185802-420459Master AT RMHGL
Tim KeoganBrooks, Ab, Canada547013-Mar-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Frank KernickCanmore, Ab, Canada15877-Feb-20195802-471046 4 Advanced TS CR SIVColumbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, Paraglide Canada
Kristopher KernickCanmore, Ab, Canada41171-Jul-2018  NoviceParaglide Canada
Oleg KorotinCalgary, Ab, Canada381611-May-2018 -3 Intermediate TS CR 
Glenn KowalskyCremona, Ab, Canada32769-Jul-2018  IntermediateMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Joshua KutrykCold Lake, Ab, Canada497226-Jul-2018  Novice 
Ky KvisleCalgary, Ab, Canada606927-Jan-2019  2 Novice CR 
Andre LafreniereCalgary, Ab, Canada13211-Jul-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR GT AT-Cochrane Hang Gliding Club
Roger LaingCalgary, Ab, Canada15857-Aug-2018 2 Novice TS CR  
Patrick LaniganCalgary, Ab, Canada568530-Jun-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
James LaughlinCalgary, Ab, Canada491120-Dec-2018 3 Intermediate TS GT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Randall LeachCalgary, Ab, Canada55337-Oct-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
David LemayAldersyde, Ab, Canada459419-Mar-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Greg LeslieCalgary, Ab, Canada15430-May-20185802-4420804 Advanced TS CR GT RMHGL
Jeff LevackCalgary, Ab, Canada325616-Sep-20185802-471810 NoviceMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Doug LitzenbergerEdmonton, Ab, Canada30512-Feb-20195802-423641Advanced- 
Keith MacCulloughCalgary, Ab, Canada124330-Apr-20185802-4209751 BeginnerAdvanced TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Robert MaguireCalgary, Ab, Canada59056-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Eric MalzerCalgary, Ab, Canada59006-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Kenneth MansellCalgary, Ab, Canada582411-Apr-2018 2 Novice CR2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Kyle MartensCalgary, Ab, Canada477230-Jun-20185802-445636 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVCanmore, Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Martin MatyasCalgary, Ab, Canada28097-May-2018 2 Novice TS GT RMHGL
John McIsaacCanmore, Ab, Canada34927-Jul-20185802-796519 AdvancedRocky Mountain Paragliding
Chris McQuinnBoyle, Ab, Canada592022-Jul-2018 1 Beginner Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Scott McTavishCalgary, Ab, Canada571525-Jul-2018 1 Beginner Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Scott MeyersCalgary, Ab, Canada516326-Oct-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Steve MilchakCalgary, Ab, Canada20243-Apr-20185802-429851Advanced TS CR GT AT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Morgan MoeCalgary, Ab, Canada568730-Jun-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Luis MonsalveCalgary, Ab, Canada429526-May-2018 3 Intermediate TS GT AT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Richard MontgomeryCalgary, Ab, Canada567728-Jun-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Roger MontgomeryCanmore, Ab, Canada596014-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
John MooreCalgary, Ab, Canada581912-Mar-2019  2 Novice TS 
MJ Stew MossLethbridge, Ab, Canada584017-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR TAir Adventure Flight School Ltd.
Claudio MotaDrayton Valley, Ab, Canada27032-Jun-20185802-793309 Advanced TS CR T SIVAir Adventure Flight School Ltd.
Vincene MullerCochrane, Ab, Canada3630-Apr-2018 NoviceNoviceMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
John MunroEdmonton, Ab, Canada53671-Sep-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T 
Tomohiko MuraseCalgary, Ab, Canada403923-Nov-20185802-442094 AdvancedMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Kevin NemezCalgary, Ab, Canada42522-Aug-20185802-442076 4 Advanced TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Nathan NeufeldCalgary, Ab, Canada459523-Mar-20185802-447491 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Moore NewellNanton, Ab, Canada158424-May-2018119289Advanced-Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Sam NewmarkCalgary, Ab, Canada612522-Feb-2019  -Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Bogdan NicaCalgary, Ab, Canada384426-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Cathy OlsenBrooks, Ab, Canada547113-Mar-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Dale OsmondCalgary, Ab, Canada319230-Jun-2018  IntermediateMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Homer PagalingRocky View, Ab, Canada583414-May-2018  -FlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Jordan PandarinathCalgary, Ab, Canada558715-Mar-2018 1 Beginner Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Randy ParkinCalgary, Ab, Canada136927-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR T SIVCochrane Hang Gliding Club
Paul PaszkowskiCALGARY, Ab, Canada104227-Jul-2018 Novice  
Robert PattersonCalgary, Ab, Canada52421-Dec-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Stuart PearseEdmonton, Ab, Canada50279-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Sotir PopovCalgary, Ab, Canada375823-Jul-20185802-741525Intermediate Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Sarah Marie PullmanCalgary, Ab, Canada595814-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Martin QuinnCochrane, Ab, Canada107325-Mar-2018420973Advanced3 Intermediate TS CR TMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Arlen RachulBlackfalds, Ab, Canada59016-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Alicia RadetzkiCalgary, Ab, Canada59036-Jul-2018  2 Novice CR 
Jens RadetzkiCalgary, Ab, Canada569030-Jun-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Sinisa RadovicCrossfield, Ab, Canada58986-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Phil RedmondEdmonton, Ab, Canada32503-Jun-2018  NoviceVancouver Island Paragliding
Gilles RobertCanmore, Ab, Canada432215-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Terry RobertsRocky Mountain House, Ab, Canada39552-May-20185802-448219 Novice TS CR SIVAHPA, FlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC
Joe RohrerBanff, Ab, Canada53079-Feb-2019  2 Novice TS CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Jaimie RothCochrane, Ab, Canada473910-Jun-2018A232248Advanced Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Megan RothCanmore, Ab, Canada585528-May-2018  2 Novice TS 
Boguslaw "Bob" RudzikCalgary, Ab, Canada31769-Sep-20185802-447485 NoviceMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Steve RunhamEdmonton, Ab, Canada501620-Aug-2018  Novice TParaglide Canada
Barry SandersonCanmore, Ab, Canada44357-Jul-2018  NoviceMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Evie SararasBonnyville, Ab, Canada531128-May-2018  2 Novice TSMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Graem SchmidtCalgary, Ab, Canada341410-Jun-20185802-442095Intermediate Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Ray SchmidtCanmore, Ab, Canada459631-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Peter SchoedelCalgary, Ab, Canada400720-Feb-20195802-442087 AdvancedAHPGC
Michael SchulteCalgary, Ab, Canada15225-May-20185802-423581Advanced- 
Larry ShumlichCalgary, Ab, Canada42989-Apr-20185802-442081Intermediate TS CR GT AT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Gregory SimonsonSpirit River, Ab, Canada527910-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Doug SkyeCochrane, Ab, Canada33623-Feb-20195802-423600 AdvancedCochrane Hang Gliding Club
Tom SliepenEdmonton, Ab, Canada475128-Jul-2018CH178492 4 Advanced TS CR T SIVAHPA, HPAC
Derrick SmithCochrane, Ab, Canada545026-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Geoffrey SmithEdmonton, Ab, Canada254017-Jun-2018  Novice 
Tony SmithCalgary, Ab, Canada318231-May-2018  NoviceMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Kai SorgeCalgary, Ab, Canada461219-Dec-2018423926 4 Advanced TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Raphael SpinnerCanmore, Ab, Canada479412-Jul-2018  Intermediate SIV 
Stefan SrdicStony Plain, Ab, Canada47192-Jul-2018472934 2 Novice TS CR T SIV 
Kyle SteinbrennerCalgary, Ab, Canada567929-Jun-2018 -2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Patric StettlerCanmore, Ab, Canada364423-Jul-20185802-444744 AdvancedHPAAC
Brent StewartCalgary, Ab, Canada528026-Apr-2018A3615122 Novice TS Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Mark TarrantCalgary, Ab, Canada234521-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIV 
Dmitriy TeterkinCalgary, Ab, Canada384825-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Brian TomecekCalgary, Ab, Canada599015-Aug-2018 - Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Natasha TomecekCalgary, Ab, Canada598915-Aug-2018 - Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Dennis TurnerBlairmore, Ab, Canada9029-May-2018 2 Novice TS CR GT AT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Daniel VenickEdmonton, Ab, Canada52218-Mar-2018 -2 Novice TS CR 
Sean "Scootertrash" VierlingMedicine Hat, Ab, Canada467811-Feb-2019 1 Beginner  
Michael WaddingtonCochrane, Ab, Canada227215-Apr-20185802-442883 AdvancedGolden Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club
Veronica WajdaCalgary, Ab, Canada59046-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Brad WalkerCochrane, Ab, Canada202322-Jan-20195802-3799463 Intermediate TS CR Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Micheal WardCalgary, Ab, Canada58686-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Michael WellwoodCalgary, Ab, Canada58922-Jul-2018 2 Novice GT  
Andrew WexlerCanmore, Ab, Canada48858-Apr-2018  Intermediate 
Glen WhiteClaresholm, Ab, Canada47703-Jan-2019  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Jesse WilkersonEdmonton, Ab, Canada598815-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS TAir Adventure Flight School Ltd.
Chris WilsonHigh River, Ab, Canada199513-Jan-2019PU473790 3 Intermediate TS CR SIVParaglide Canada
Karie WilsonHigh River, Ab, Canada527831-Mar-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Kim Yim YeanCalgary, Ab, Canada492328-May-20185802-445645Beginner IWI, Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Sergey "Wingpilot" YermolayevCalgary, Ab, Canada314328-Apr-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR THPAC


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