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NameCity, Province, CountryMem #Mem ExpiresHAGAR #HG RatingPG RatingClub
Mike AblittSalt Spring Island, BC, Canada264816-May-2018 --ISS
David AchtemichukPemberton, BC, Canada509718-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVWCSC
Dong Soo AhnCoquitlam, BC, Canada34597-May-2018  IntermediateWCSC
Oni AhoMount Currie, BC, Canada380718-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR T SIVWCSC
Morgan AhoffVancouver, BC, Canada29871-Apr-2018 Novice HPAC
Rolando Almaques CobasVernon, BC, Canada59737-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Robert AngerKaleden, BC, Canada57388-Feb-2019  2 Novice TS 
Samuel "Sam" ArchambaultVancouver, BC, Canada49808-Mar-2018 Novice2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Christopher ArmbrusterCoquitlam, BC, Canada59747-Sep-2018  1 Beginner 
Chris ArthurVancouver, BC, Canada499821-May-2018  Intermediate 
David AubreyRevelstoke, BC, Canada400131-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS CR T SIVAHPGC
Carey AustermanRossland, BC, Canada596114-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
David BaconSummerland, BC, Canada380927-Apr-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR GT AT OSA, SOAR, TVSC
Gary BainbridgeGillies Bay, BC, Canada506026-Feb-2018  2 Novice TSParaglide Canada
Lars BankePort Albern, BC, Canada449918-May-2018  NoviceISS, Vancouver Island Paragliding, WCSC
Tony BartolettiWilmer, BC, Canada512818-Jan-2019  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVColumbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society
Simon BeaumontVancouver, BC, Canada469419-Jun-20185802-512006 4 Advanced TS CR T
Ryan BeggsSquamish, BC, Canada584318-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Simon BelandRevelstoke, BC, Canada47523-Aug-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVBCHPA
Jeff BellisRevelstoke, BC, Canada364523-May-2018  IntermediateAHPGC, OSA, RSC
Tom BensonVictoria, BC, Canada32754-Sep-2018  NoviceISS
Andrew BerkleyVancouver, BC, Canada408515-Jan-20195802-506593 AdvancedDeimos Paragliding Flight School
Jayson BigginsSalt Spring Island, BC, Canada273416-Sep-20185802-793306 Advanced TS CR T SIVVancouver Island Paragliding
Richard BilyRevelstoke, BC, Canada55755-Apr-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR 
Andrew BirdCranbrook, BC, Canada478010-Jul-2018  NoviceAHPGC
Brian BlackVancouver, BC, Canada605517-Dec-2018  -FlyBC Airsports Paragliding
James BlackPenticton, BC, Canada59761-Sep-2018 2 Novice GT Freedom Flying School
Andrew BlackmoreNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada594331-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Curtis BlewettWhistler, BC, Canada453228-May-2018  NoviceCayoosh Expeditions
Michael BobickVancouver, BC, Canada468223-Mar-2018
Erik BobickiRichmond, BC, Canada56934-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Yanick BoisclairTerrace, BC, Canada594623-Aug-2018 2 Novice TS GT Freedom Flying School
Tyler BorradaileKelowna, BC, Canada548-Dec-20185802-791673Advanced OSA
Christopher "FISH" BoultonWhistler, BC, Canada58073-Dec-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Jason Bouvierwest kelowna, BC, Canada516122-Jun-2018 2 Novice TS GT Freedom Flying School
Jeff BrockWhistler, BC, Canada138011-Aug-20185802-786368 Advanced 
Duncan BrowningCobble Hill, BC, Canada512916-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CRAHPGC, ISS
Richard BruneauColdstream, BC, Canada490125-Jul-20185802-512005 4 Advanced TS CR T SIVOSA, Paraglide Canada
Jacob BrunningGolden, BC, Canada570210-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS SIV 
Sean BuchanLumby, BC, Canada510518-May-2018  2 Novice TSOSA
Paul BuntenPemberton, BC, Canada415812-Jun-20185802-506304 AdvancedWCSC
Derek ButcherKamloops, BC, Canada357613-Jul-2018  NoviceOSA, TVSC
Jackie ButcherVernon, BC, Canada486529-Aug-2018  2 Novice TSFreedom Flying School, HPAC, Lumby Air Force, OSA
Terry ButcherVernon, BC, Canada379029-Nov-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRBCHPA, HPAC, OSA, TVSC, WCSC
Max ButendeichVancouver, BC, Canada462111-Jun-2018  NoviceWCSC
Dale CaldwellSquamish, BC, Canada513515-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
John CambruzziWhite Rock, BC, Canada567628-Jun-20185122293 Intermediate TS CR GT WCSC
Philippe CampbellVictoria, BC, Canada580524-Nov-2018741962 2 Novice TS CR 
Jack CarlsonWhistler, BC, Canada28777-Jun-2018AA122131 IntermediateWCSC
Fred Carter Halfmoon bay , BC, Canada30393-Jun-2018  NoviceWCSC
Trevor CarterGolden, BC, Canada479916-May-2018  NoviceAHPGC
Dimas CarvalhoKamloops, BC, Canada535119-Mar-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding, OSA
Chris ChandlerWhistler, BC, Canada56703-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Kris ChasseWilmer, BC, Canada56304-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS 
Serge ChiassonFernie, BC, Canada56355-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Tomasz "Tom" ChromyRichmond, BC, Canada294719-Sep-2018AA326563 AdvancedFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Johnathan ClarkColdstream, BC, Canada507613-Jan-20195802-443477 3 Intermediate TS CR SIVDallas Road Paragliding Society, OSA, Vancouver Island Paragliding
Thomas "(Deimos Paragliding)" ClarkSurrey, BC, Canada231228-Jun-20185802-790854 Advanced TS CR SIVBCHPA, Deimos Paragliding Flight School, Grouse Mountain Flying Team, HPAC, WCSC
Alastair CollisWhistler, BC, Canada267820-Apr-20185802-793257 Advanced 
Drew ConwayFernie, BC, Canada539217-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS 
Timothy CooperVictoria, BC, Canada527622-May-2018AA142497 2 Novice TS CR 
Jesse CraneAldergrove, BC, Canada41657-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS
Chase CrisfieldKelowna, BC, Canada59818-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS TFreedom Flying School
Clifton CunninghamNew Westminster, BC, Canada429717-May-2018  NoviceDeimos Paragliding Flight School, HPAC, WCSC
Andre DaigneaultAldergrove, BC, Canada504919-Mar-2018  2 Novice
Marie-Helene "Marie" D'AnjouQualicum Beach, BC, Canada455122-Jul-2018  - 
James "Jim" DeLaHuntVancouver, BC, Canada469218-Mar-2018
Chris DelworthRevelstoke, BC, Canada399714-Jan-20195802-506097 AdvancedAHPGC, BCHPA, FlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC, OSA, RSC
Glenn DerouinColdstream, BC, Canada35114-Apr-20185802-787745 Advanced TS CR T SIVOSA
Peter DessensKelowna, BC, Canada171613-Oct-2018 - OSA
James DickVictoria, BC, Canada53456-Apr-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Al DickenPowell River, BC, Canada5537-May-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR GT ISS
Martin DietzelVancouver, BC, Canada514730-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR 
Frédéric DionneRevelstoke, BC, Canada59827-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRCayoosh Expeditions
Katherine DobellKamloops, BC, Canada546217-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS CRSAF
Juliu Dombi-SahiSurrey, BC, Canada508722-Apr-20185802-510776 3 Intermediate TS CRWCSC
Brent DuBoisCanal Flats, BC, Canada58469-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS 
Tanya DuBoisCanal Flats, BC, Canada54489-Aug-2018  2 Novice TSBCHPA, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, HPAC, Invermere Flyers, Mt. Swansea
Brian DuchovnayVancouver, BC, Canada583617-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIV 
Tom DudleyWhistler, BC, Canada220420-Apr-2018P402513 Advanced 
Trevor DunnKamloops, BC, Canada513619-Apr-2018 2 Novice OSA, TVSC
Yannick DupontInvermere, BC, Canada497023-Mar-2018  2 Novice TSAHPGC
Tom DupreeVancouver, BC, Canada516215-Sep-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRWCSC
Sam DyattVictoria, BC, Canada495931-Mar-2018  2 Novice TSISS, Vancouver Island Paragliding
Jason DyckVernon, BC, Canada585729-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Nicholas EdgarVancouver, BC, Canada557017-Mar-2018  2 Novice TSWCSC
James ElliottVancouver, BC, Canada574424-Jan-2019PU791160 2 Novice TS CRISS
Craig EllisRevelstoke, BC, Canada45696-Oct-20185802-514167 4 Advanced TS CR SIVAHPGC, OSA, RSC
Mark ElsdonNelson, BC, Canada51814-Apr-2018 2 Novice TS CR2 Novice TS CRAHPGC
Kylene EnglebyRevelstoke, BC, Canada556714-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Greg EppCoquitlam, BC, Canada587113-Jun-2018  2 Novice TSWCSC
Kerstin EyrichSalt Spring Island, BC, Canada570021-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Roslyn FalkClearwater, BC, Canada592423-Jul-2018  - 
Max FanderlInvermere, BC, Canada125913-Jan-20195802-425045-AdvancedBCHPA, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, HPAC, Invermere Flyers
Eduardo FarinaVancouver, BC, Canada596625-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Richard FederleyKelowna, BC, Canada559721-Apr-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Kevin FergusonVictoria, BC, Canada202819-May-20185802-793345-IntermediateISS
Carlos FernandezVictoria, BC, Canada352026-Apr-20185802-501262 Intermediate 
Mark FinnNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada409830-Mar-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Hugh FisherPemberton, BC, Canada45413-May-2018  NoviceHPAC, WCSC
Scott FlavelleWhistler, BC, Canada335721-Mar-20185802-504008 AdvancedBCHPA, WCSC
Chris FlorkowShawnigan Lake, BC, Canada35618-Apr-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR  
Michael FortinCourtenay, BC, Canada59851-Sep-2018 2 Novice GT  
Patrick FortuneSummerland, BC, Canada51699-Aug-2018PPL PA361599 2 Novice CRMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Bernie FoxKimberley, BC, Canada59957-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS 
Russell FretenburgNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada10823-Jun-20185802-786599 AdvancedBCHPA, Grouse Mountain Flying Team, HPAC
James FriesenNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada425419-Apr-2018  NoviceFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Russ Furlong150 Mile House, BC, Canada57416-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS 
Thomas FurstVancouver, BC, Canada509919-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIV 
Damian GarnettChilliwack, BC, Canada570826-Jul-2018  2 Novice CRWCSC
Walter "Wally" GeissbuehlerKamloops, BC, Canada422328-Sep-2018  NoviceHPAC
Dominik GeisselerNew Westminster, BC, Canada58945-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Aaron GervaisCranbrook, BC, Canada56298-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS SIVAHPGC, BCHPA, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, HPAC, KPGA
Kaylyn GervaisCranbrook, BC, Canada498512-Oct-20185802-445639 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVAHPGC, BCHPA, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, HPAC
Endre GerziNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada593423-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Eric GesingerVictoria, BC, Canada43612-Apr-20185802-514208 3 Intermediate TS CR SIVBCHPA, FlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC, ISS
Timothy GiesbrechtArmstrong, BC, Canada463619-May-2018  NoviceOSA, Paraglide Canada
Patrik GillerstedtPrinceton, BC, Canada285319-Aug-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRSOAR
Tyler GilliesBurnaby, BC, Canada521519-Sep-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVWCSC
Karen "K747" GirouardPrince Rupert, BC, Canada416217-Jun-20185802-506937 4 Advanced TS CR SIV 
Bill GoglinWilliams Lake, BC, Canada401117-Apr-20185802-508903 4 Advanced TS CR SIVBCHPA, CIL, FlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC, TVSC, WCSC
David GorzitzaBrisco, BC, Canada475828-Jan-2019  2 Novice TSInvermere Flyers
Garrett GosselinGaribaldi Highlands, BC, Canada593223-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Peter GrafVancouver, BC, Canada26823-Apr-20195802-409139 AdvancedWCSC
D'Arcy GrahamRevelstoke, BC, Canada515424-Mar-20185802-508834 3 Intermediate TS CRRSC
Tom GreggVancouver, BC, Canada583717-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR T SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Terry GroverKelowna, BC, Canada317016-Apr-2018  NoviceOSA
Remy GuignardMadeira Park, BC, Canada561216-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS 
Robert GustafsonVictoria, BC, Canada371029-Apr-2018  NoviceISS
Beverley HallVictoria, BC, Canada42578-Oct-2018  NoviceISS
Doug HartleyInvermere, BC, Canada320731-May-20185802-4456374 Advanced TS CR GT  
Alison HarwoodHope, BC, Canada569411-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Paul HarwoodHope, BC, Canada536220-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Brett HazlettNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada148424-Jun-20185802-408806AdvancedAdvancedHPAC
Chris HelstonWest Vancouver, BC, Canada59961-Sep-2018  -FlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Greg HemingwayVancouver, BC, Canada27272-Jul-2018ca426086 AdvancedMuller Wind Sports Ltd.
Garth HemmingLumby, BC, Canada12442-Jun-2018 Novice Freedom Flying School, OSA
Dary HemmonsPemberton, BC, Canada582814-Apr-2018  2 Novice TSSea to Sky Paragliding
Liam HemmonsPemberton, BC, Canada582914-Apr-2018  -Sea to Sky Paragliding
Martin HenryAbbotsford, BC, Canada23-May-20185802-405832Master-WCSC
Darren HeppleNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada311222-Apr-20185802-797095 AdvancedGrouse Mountain Flying Team, WCSC
Don "Tenacious D" HerresVernon, BC, Canada196922-Nov-20185802-397750 Advanced TS CR T SIVHPAC
Guy HerringtonPemberton, BC, Canada431213-Jul-20185802-324919 AdvancedSea to Sky Paragliding
Ralph HertenVancouver, BC, Canada245426-Jan-2019RP749143Advanced WCSC
Bernard HeuvelmanGolden, BC, Canada25782-May-2018  NoviceAHPGC
Brian HewsonSurrey, BC, Canada585128-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Christopher HiebertSummerland, BC, Canada528814-Jan-2019  2 Novice TS CROSA, Paraglide Canada, SOAR
Rolfe HilgerMission, BC, Canada12121-Aug-2018 Novice WCSC
David HissinkWest Vancouver, BC, Canada59119-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Micah HollenbeckSaltspring Island, BC, Canada587313-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Rob HoneymanKimberley, BC, Canada561328-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Melissa L. HopeVancouver, BC, Canada462015-Aug-2018
Cooper HorningWindermere, BC, Canada526823-Feb-2018  2 Novice TSAHPGC, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society
Ken HospesVernon, BC, Canada468827-Jun-2018 2 Novice TS GT OSA
Darrell HouleSquamish, BC, Canada59497-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Patrick HughesKelowna, BC, Canada570919-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Gregg HumphreysVictoria, BC, Canada1721-Aug-2025 -  
Ross HunterPowell River , BC, Canada30628-May-2018P366937Master TS CR GT AT AHPA, Cochrane Hang Gliding Club, Edmonton Hang Gliding Club, Invermere Flyers, RMHGL
John HustonKelowna, BC, Canada594518-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS 
Philip IbisNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada42023-Aug-2018  NoviceFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Peyman ImaniVancouver, BC, Canada409114-May-20185802-504576 Advanced SIV 
Jordan IronsBurnaby, BC, Canada58975-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Marshall IronsBurnaby, BC, Canada58965-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Dmitri IvashchenkoRichmond, BC, Canada50858-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRDeimos Paragliding Flight School
Balaji G. IyengarMerritt, BC, Canada576311-Aug-2018 3 Intermediate TS GT AT Freedom Flying School
Amir IzadiVictoria, BC, Canada26711-Jun-20185802-795082 MasterHPAC
Wendy JansenKelowna, BC, Canada418418-Jun-20185802-512935 3 Intermediate TS CR SIVOSA, Paraglide Canada
Matt JessonSurrey, BC, Canada39786-Jun-2018  NoviceFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Mark JohnstonNanaimo, BC, Canada239718-Sep-2018A260101IntermediateAdvanced 
Marc JonesVancouver, BC, Canada416112-May-2018
Benjamin Jordan-BroughSilverton, BC, Canada555919-May-2018476509 3 Intermediate TS CR 
Roman KarasVancouver, BC, Canada316628-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR T SIVWCSC
Jordan M. KaulbarsLangley, BC, Canada59977-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Bianca KempeCoquitlam, BC, Canada59981-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Steven KennedySquamish, BC, Canada588419-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Lee KenyonVictoria, BC, Canada389826-Jan-2019PA425278 IntermediateDallas Road Paragliding Society, Vancouver Island Paragliding
Russ KerrVictoria, BC, Canada395919-May-2018  Intermediate TS CRISS, Vancouver Island Paragliding
J. Darren KinleyNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada124925-Jul-2018790861 AdvancedWCSC
Anton KishchenkoVancouver, BC, Canada585228-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Sasha KlapkiwSaltspring Island, BC, Canada59998-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRCayoosh Expeditions
Joaquin KleinYmir, BC, Canada325719-Apr-20185802-799171 AdvancedAHPGC
Zsolt KlimajMount Currie, BC, Canada50431-Mar-2018PU825500 4 Advanced TS CR SIV 
Kris KlimekVancouver, BC, Canada337821-Mar-20185802-501533
Andrew KollmarVictoria, BC, Canada588017-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Dennis KomarniskyVictoria, BC, Canada421626-Jul-2018  NoviceISS
Michael KopecWhistler, BC, Canada56722-Jan-2019  2 Novice TS 
Nathanael KotzurRevelstoke, BC, Canada555619-Mar-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Derek KovacicAgassiz, BC, Canada33512-Aug-20185802-797563 Advanced TS CR T SIVWCSC
Andrei KravchenkoAgassiz , BC, Canada394810-Apr-20185802-505757 4 Advanced TS CR SIVWCSC
Elena KravchenkoAgassiz, BC, Canada423220-Oct-2018  NoviceWCSC
Norman "ParaNorm" KrcmarKelowna, BC, Canada498927-Jul-20185802-512037 4 Advanced TS CR SIVOSA, Paraglide Canada
Nina KrebbersArmstrong, BC, Canada588217-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS TFreedom Flying School
Bob KriderMaple Ridge, BC, Canada6630-Nov-2018 3 Intermediate WCSC
Cole KriderCoquitlam, BC, Canada504222-Jun-2018 2 Novice TS CR GT WCSC
Alexis KruegerInvermere, BC, Canada556931-Jan-2019  2 Novice TS 
Jason KrukGaribaldi Highlands, BC, Canada521118-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Tomas KuchtaBurnaby, BC, Canada583020-Apr-2018  - 
Tommy KuttAbbotsford, BC, Canada547325-Apr-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Justin KylloNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada240825-Jun-20185802-790863 AdvancedGrouse Mountain Flying Team
Bob LakerWilliams Lake, BC, Canada507428-Oct-2018  2 Novice CRCIL, Paraglide Canada, TVSC
Magali Lalonde-LegaultPemberton, BC, Canada362016-Jul-2018  Intermediate 
Serge LamarcheGolden, BC, Canada12226-May-2018P277148Advanced TS CR2 Novice TSGolden Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club
Dylan LamoureuxLangley, BC, Canada582712-Apr-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
John LangKelowna, BC, Canada512419-Jul-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR GT OSA, SAF, SOAR
Martina LangChilliwack, BC, Canada244823-Jul-20185802-797096 AdvancedJet Set Paragliding
Sean LarsonVancouver, BC, Canada506429-Oct-20185802-4456353 Intermediate GT AT Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Jacek LateckiSurrey, BC, Canada592523-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Monika LateckiSurrey, BC, Canada592623-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Regimantas LauceviciusVancouver, BC, Canada596425-Oct-2018  2 Novice
Michel LaurinCourtenay, BC, Canada228612-Jun-20185802-817627 4 Advanced TS CR T SIV SRAQVL
Ryan LeaskMission, BC, Canada529530-Jul-2018 2 Novice CR GT FGS
Patrick "Paddy" LeeNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada396826-Apr-20185802-504922 AdvancedWCSC
Nick LesterMission, BC, Canada595413-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Jason "J" LeusYmir, BC, Canada322020-Dec-20185802-799004 AdvancedAHPGC
Henry LevesqueNanaimo, BC, Canada401522-Nov-20185802-510225 4 Advanced TS CR SIVISS
Eric LevisSquamish, BC, Canada40332-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR 
Eben LindseyKamloops, BC, Canada605617-Dec-2018  2 Novice TS CRVancouver Island Paragliding
CS LingVancouver, BC, Canada59099-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR T SIV 
Mukunda LorenzoRevelstoke, BC, Revelstoke airforce539014-Aug-20185802-514202 4 Advanced TS CR SIVSAF
Karen LovePemberton, BC, Canada58912-Jul-2018  -Cayoosh Expeditions
Darren LudbrookClearwater, BC, Canada585929-May-2018  - 
Guang Ming (Gary) LuoVancouver, BC, Canada60008-Sep-2018  -FlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Steven LyonSalt Spring Island, BC, Canada593123-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRSea to Sky Paragliding
Hunter MacdonaldVictoria, BC, Canada593524-Jul-2018  - 
Jill MacdonaldRevelstoke, BC, Canada584827-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIV 
John MacekNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada436720-May-2018  IntermediateWCSC
Cameron MacKenzieNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada1002-May-2018A125778 AdvancedGrouse Mountain Flying Team
Peter MacLarenGolden, BC, Canada27330-Jun-20185802-786360 AdvancedAHPGC
David MacLeanNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada36063-Aug-2018  NoviceDeimos Paragliding Flight School
Ian MacmillanVictoria, BC, Canada44098-Jul-2018  NoviceISS, Vancouver Island Paragliding
Trevor MacMurrayVernon, BC, Canada53843-Jun-2018CH446060 4 Advanced TS CR SIVParaglide Canada
Alexander MaierAbbotsford, BC, Canada585829-May-2018  - 
Luc MaillouxLumby, BC, Canada266424-Jun-2018 Novice OSA
Nicole MajorLumby , BC, Canada463329-Oct-20185802-510193 4 Advanced TS CR SIV 
Bart A. MantenPort Coquitlam, BC, Canada535611-Dec-2018  2 Novice TS 
Reto MartiSaanich, BC, Canada201916-Dec-2018  NoviceISS
George MartinChilliwack, BC, Canada470118-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRJet Set Paragliding
Greg MartinPitt Meadows, BC, Canada600112-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Leslie MartinKamloops, BC, Canada354911-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CROSA, TVSC
Steve MarwoodVancouver, BC, Canada46831-Jan-2019  2 Novice TS CR 
Jeremy MasonLumby, BC, Canada37969-Apr-20185802-514117 3 Intermediate TS CR SIVOSA, Paraglide Canada
Joseph "treehugger" MatthewsSilverton, BC, Canada423320-Dec-2018  NoviceAHPGC
Kimberley Ann MattinsonNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada584928-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Mike MattinsonNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada537329-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Clair (G.S.) MaynardYoubou, BC, Canada53226-Dec-2018CPL CH116932 2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
John McClintockVernon, BC, Canada3196-May-2018P317396Advanced OSA
Byron McDonaldKamloops, BC, Canada339413-Jun-2018  NoviceOSA, TVSC
James Laughlin McGilveryInvermere, BC, Canada317711-Aug-2018  1 BeginnerAHPGC
Bruce "VA7WAK" McGuiganVictoria, BC, Canada27549-Aug-20185802-798818 IntermediateBCHPA
Nicole McLearnVancouver, BC, Canada257918-May-20185802-793253 Master TS CR T SIVWCSC
Paul "Pmac" McLennanVictoria, BC, Canada41851-Jun-2018  IntermediateDallas Road Paragliding Society, HPAC, Vancouver Island Paragliding
M. Declan McNeeWhistler, BC, Canada59447-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Scott MeikleKamloops, BC, Canada464219-May-2018  NoviceOSA, Paraglide Canada
Cole MelinVernon, BC, Canada591219-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Mourad MeratlaPemberton, BC, Canada557721-Jul-2018  2 Novice TSWCSC
Dave MerrickNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada322722-Jun-2018PA793161 AdvancedGrouse Mountain Flying Team, HPAC
Timmy MiddlemissGolden, BC, Canada328428-Mar-20185802-477118Advanced AHPGC, Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Vuori MikkoNelson, BC, Canada586430-May-2018  - 
Mike MillerMount Currie, BC, Canada723-Apr-20185802-786361 AdvancedWCSC
Rob MillerWhistler, BC, Canada464020-May-2018  NoviceWCSC
Stefan MillerPemberton, BC, Canada420318-Aug-20185802-512917 2 Novice TS CR 
Emily MistickVancouver, BC, Canada600220-Sep-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIV 
Peter MitchellNelson, BC, Canada579520-Nov-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Darran T. MohanNicholson, BC, Canada23715-Aug-2018 -  
Benjamin MooreVictoria, BC, Canada586230-May-2018 2 Novice TS GT Freedom Flying School
David MoorePitt Meadows, BC, Canada600314-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Janet MoschardWhistler, BC, Canada7315-Apr-20185802-406274 Advanced 
Joris MoschardWhistler, BC, Canada7415-Apr-20185802-406273 Advanced 
Glen Keith MuellerPrince George, BC, Canada598614-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Neil MuirWest Vancouver, BC, Canada144114-Apr-20185802-789418Intermediate WCSC
Fedja MulabdicNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada27364-Jun-20185802-796802 AdvancedWCSC
Bradley J. "dingo" MurphyRevelstoke, BC, Canada31368-Sep-20185802-797554 Advanced TS CR SIVAHPGC
Dawson MurphySurrey, BC, Canada584418-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
James I. MurphyBlue River, BC, Canada588622-Jun-2018  - 
Ann-Marie "Annie" MurrayWhistler, BC, Canada537821-May-2018  2 Novice TSCayoosh Expeditions
Kenneth Gerald "Bj" MurrayWhistler, BC, Canada537721-May-2018  2 Novice TSCayoosh Expeditions
Luke MyersSquamish, BC, Canada503230-May-20185802-511513 4 Advanced TS CR SIVCayoosh Expeditions
Stein MyhrstadNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada329931-Mar-20185802-267919
Margit NanceVancouver, BC, Canada236830-Jun-20185802-501085 MasterWCSC
Konstantin NaumovVernon, BC, Canada585629-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIV 
Ralph NelsonQueen Charlotte City, BC, Canada244217-May-20185802-263701 Advanced 
Michael NeururerVancouver, BC, Canada592222-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Julie NevilleInvermere, BC, Canada499230-May-2018  2 Novice TSAHPGC, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society
Todd NicholsSquamish, BC, Canada479121-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CRCayoosh Expeditions
Bill NikolaiVancouver, BC, Canada274112-Nov-20185802-797087 AdvancedWCSC
Doug NitchieEnderby, BC, Canada315912-May-20185802-503915 AdvancedOSA
Joe NodelandGibsons, BC, Canada51233-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Martin NowoselskiChilliwack, BC, Canada223-Jan-20195802-500703NoviceIntermediateWCSC
Eric OddyBrisco, BC, Canada28510-Aug-2018 -2 Novice TS CR 
Jim OravaMt. Currie, BC, Canada20082-Jul-20185802-793277 AdvancedCayoosh Expeditions
Laura OremekSurrey, BC, Canada41499-Feb-2019  NoviceDeimos Paragliding Flight School
David OsborneLadysmith, BC, Canada2428-Feb-20195802-******IntermediateIntermediateISS
Kevin OstapowichSmithers, BC, Canada51304-Oct-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRCIL, SSS
Patrick O'SullivanInvermere, BC, Canada556212-Feb-2019  2 Novice TSColumbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, HPAC
Cal PaleyColdstream, BC, Canada362625-Apr-2018  NoviceISS
Matthew PaleyColdstream, BC, Canada49323-Apr-2018  2 Novice TSVancouver Island Paragliding
Lina PamparaiteVancouver, BC, Canada596525-Oct-2018  2 Novice
Jean-Francois ParadisVancouver, BC, Canada26767-Jul-20185802-793262 AdvancedHPAC
Steve ParkLumby, BC, Canada433911-Nov-20185802-442098 IntermediateBCHPA, HPAC, Lumby Air Force
Mark ParminterSmithers, BC, Canada480416-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRCIL, SSS
Simone PatenaudeVictoria, BC, Canada585328-May-2018 2 Novice TS GT Freedom Flying School
Pedro Eiler PedersenNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada500921-Nov-20185802-5093663 Intermediate TS CR GT  
Gary PenningaCoquitlam, BC, Canada45279-Feb-20195802-510147 3 Intermediate TS CR SIV 
Marius PepinVictoria, BC, Canada563921-Jul-2018 2 Novice TS GT  
Rebecca Jean PericRevelstoke, BC, Canada55365-Dec-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIV 
Adrian PeryBrisco, BC, Canada588321-May-2018  2 Novice TS SIV 
Yana PethickHornby Island, BC, Canada473811-Jul-2018  NoviceISS
Jonathan PettersenChilliwack, BC, Canada536116-Jul-2018  2 Novice TSDeimos Paragliding Flight School
James PettitVancouver, BC, Canada57831-Feb-2019  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Travis PhilipPenticton, BC, Canada56233-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Brian E. PhillipsNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada580017-Oct-2018 2 Novice TS CR GT  
Stefan "Captain" PiaseckiNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada328228-Jun-20185802-500512
Gary PopoffSCOTCH CREEK, BC, Canada3232-May-2018 Novice  
Penny PowersInvermere, BC, Canada312313-Jan-2019  3 Intermediate TS CRBCHPA, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, HPAC
Cynthia R. PrescottBurnaby, BC, Canada426114-Aug-2018PA508144 IntermediateFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Rhonda PrestonKelowna, BC, Canada60068-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Todd PrestonKelowna, BC, Canada58935-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Kade PriceSquamish, BC, Canada564917-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Andrew PughVancouver, BC, Canada32436-May-2018 Novice WCSC
Robert PugsleyFernie, BC, Canada56365-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRColumbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, OSA, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Peter QuinnPemberton, BC, Canada519313-Aug-2018  -FlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Rob RaeYmir, BC, Canada170830-Mar-20185802-789427 AdvancedAHPGC
Randy "Randor" RauckLumby, BC, Canada262620-Jul-2018PA259226Master Freedom Flying School, Lumby Air Force, OSA
Alex RaymontVancouver, BC, Canada244618-May-20185802-790866AdvancedAdvanced TS CR T SIVBCHPA
Richard James RebnerisNorth Saanich, BC, Canada49643-Sep-20185802-326626 2 Novice TSDallas Road Paragliding Society
Rachelle RegnierSquamish, BC, Canada588827-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Jim ReichVancouver, BC, Canada156825-May-2018 P252637 Advanced TS CR T SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Kelly ReidBrisco, BC, Canada475331-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVColumbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society
Jeff RelphGolden, BC, Canada481015-Aug-20185802-515198 4 Advanced TS CR SIVAHPGC
Willy RensClearwater, BC, Canada297926-Jul-20185802-514120 4 Advanced TS CR SIVBCHPA, HPAC, OSA
Guy ReynoldsGabriola Island, BC, Canada2762-Jul-2018P3262504A WCSC
José ReynosoCoquitlam, BC, Canada60071-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Philip RichNanoose Bay , BC, Canada297715-Apr-20185802-500053 AdvancedISS
Anthony RichardsonSquamish, BC, Canada504127-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIV 
Nelson RileyBowen Island, BC, Canada535428-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Edmond "Eddy" RivereKelowna, BC, Canada120730-Jun-20185802-786356 AdvancedOSA, Paraglide Canada
Michael Robertsgibsons, BC, Canada109326-Sep-20185802-786607 AdvancedFirst Flight Paragliding
Maurice RobinsonVictoria, BC, Canada42019-Oct-2018  Novice 
Janet RoddanPemberton, BC, Canada251221-Jul-2018  Novice 
Michael RogersonSurrey, BC, Canada527728-Feb-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Jason RothKelowna, BC, Canada35018-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR TOSA, SAF
Denis RoumiantsevCoquitlam, BC, Canada355814-Mar-20185802-502205 Advanced 
Antonina "Tonya Solaris" RoumiantsevaCoquitlam, BC, Canada361622-Jul-20185802-504909 Advanced 
Thomas RozsypalekPemberton, BC, Canada60081-Sep-2018  - 
Krzysztof Jan RyczkiewiczVictoria, BC, Canada472530-Apr-2018  2 Novice TSISS
Mario SachsenwegerSmithers, BC, Canada535323-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVCIL, SSS
Mike SadanPemberton, BC, Canada35819-May-20185802-787286 Advanced 
Drew SagarVancouver, BC, Canada306023-Jul-2018  Intermediate 
Les SainsburyVictoria, BC, Canada2728-May-2018PA136269Master  
Karin SandstromSurrey, BC, Canada368926-Nov-20185802-501073 IntermediateBCHPA, Deimos Paragliding Flight School, HPAC, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Gabriel SantiagoFurry Creek, BC, Canada612420-Feb-2019  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
David SarkanyWhistler, BC, Canada11720-Apr-2018  NoviceCayoosh Expeditions
Kirstie SatchwellBurnaby, BC, Canada521414-Aug-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVWCSC
Robin SatherAbbotsford, BC, Canada262519-Feb-20195802-797077 IntermediateWCSC
Bryan SaulnierCoquitlam, BC, Canada123921-Sep-2018 Intermediate HPAC
Jerry SchaeferNanaimo, BC, Canada361921-Feb-2019  NoviceParaglide Canada
Dale SchneiderKamloops, BC, Canada541022-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Andi SchoeniInvermere, BC, Canada539621-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS 
Mia SchokkerAbbotsford, BC, Canada33-May-20185802-406106AdvancedIntermediateWCSC
Martin SchusterSquamish, BC, Canada605729-Dec-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Claudia SchwabBurnaby, BC, Canada411323-Feb-20195802-505490 AdvancedWCSC
Blake ScottMission, BC, Canada59701-Sep-2018  2 Novice TSFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Jesse ScrimbitKelowna, BC, Canada55393-Jun-2018 2 Novice TS GT Freedom Flying School
Lee SegstroChilliwack, BC, Canada46753-May-20185802-508829 4 Advanced TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC, Jet Set Paragliding, WCSC
Mike SibbaldRevelstoke, BC, Canada427714-Jan-2019  NoviceAHPGC
Harry SiempelkampDelta, BC, Canada32511-Jul-20185802-790852 Advanced 
Maciej SiwochaNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada34823-Jun-20185802-504897 Advanced 
Daniel "zabu" SladeDuncan, BC, Canada47054-Oct-2018  NoviceISS
Evan SmithMontrose, BC, Canada25202-Oct-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR AT  
Jeffrey SohyAbbotsford, BC, Canada532026-Feb-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Carlos Sommer150 Mile House, BC, Canada478216-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVCIL, OSA, WCSC
Colin SparkSquamish, BC, Canada593023-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Peter SpearBurnaby, BC, Canada403711-Feb-20195802-504907 AdvancedDeimos Paragliding Flight School, Grouse Mountain Flying Team, WCSC
Dave SprouleRevelstoke, BC, Canada403529-Jul-20185802-505503 AdvancedBCHPA
Paul St. GermainAgassiz, BC, Canada556026-Feb-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
David StanekWhite Rock, BC, Canada163711-Nov-20185802-409577 AdvancedWCSC
Ken SteinerSalmon Arm, BC, Canada450322-Aug-2018  NoviceOSA
Randy StevensRossland, BC, Canada560328-Apr-2019CPL CA268864 2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Toby StierFernie, BC, Canada517531-Dec-2018  2 Novice TS SIVColumbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society
Corinne "Coco" StoltzMt. Currie, BC, Canada288429-May-20185802-793255 AdvancedCayoosh Expeditions
John StrikerVernon, BC, Canada477510-Aug-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVOSA
Dwayne StringerInvermere, BC, Canada48633-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVAHPGC, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society
Mark StrongVancouver, BC, Canada377724-Nov-2018  2 Novice TSHPAC
Aurelien SudanBurnaby, BC, Canada55965-Jan-2019  2 Novice TS CRBCHPA, FlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Henry SukardiVictoria, BC, Canada576822-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Jarren SutcliffeVictoria, BC, Canada585028-May-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Tom SylvesterWest Kelowna, BC, Canada41937-Jul-2018  NoviceOSA
Jozsef SzaboNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada544713-Jun-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRHPAC, WCSC
Richard SzostakSurrey, BC, Canada537621-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Wil TarnaskyVancouver, BC, Canada415010-May-2018  Novice 
Lars TaylorColdstream, BC, Canada25428-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CROSA
Robert TaylorSquamish, BC, Canada591320-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Richard TeszkaMission, BC, Canada186723-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRWCSC
Al ThielmannMission, BC, Canada35678-Jun-20185802-510145 4 Advanced TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Byron ThompsonVictoria, BC, Canada436020-Mar-2018 Intermediate ISS
Richard ThompsonCampbell River, BC, Canada51608-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding, ISS
Steve ThossKamloops, BC, Canada162618-Aug-2018790850Intermediate  
Cheryl TilleySpences Bridge, BC, Canada572028-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR SIVFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Tom TillotsonKelowna, BC, Canada458526-Jul-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR GT OSA
Andreas TizeRoberts Creek, BC, Canada454624-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Elena "ElenaT" TolkachevaBurnaby, BC, Canada439413-Apr-2018  NoviceDeimos Paragliding Flight School, WCSC
Igor TolskyBurnaby, BC, Canada28109-Apr-20185802-512946 2 Novice TS CR SIVWCSC
Jakob TrinkerCelista, BC, Canada60091-Sep-2018  - 
Stewart TrowsdaleNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada2782-Jun-2018 3 Intermediate TS CR GT AT WCSC
Dean TruemanVancouver, BC, Canada241624-Jul-2018  NoviceWCSC
Ihor TrufynVernon, BC, Canada215310-Aug-20185802-790386 AdvancedLumby Air Force, OSA
Vladimir TsarkovBurnaby, BC, Canada558314-Apr-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Hugo TschurtschenthalerGolden, BC, Canada21368-Sep-20185802-471974 AdvancedAHPGC
Theo TschurtschenthalerTofino, BC, Canada582511-Apr-2018  2 Novice TS 
Mark TullochAbbotsford, BC, Canada311-Jan-20195802-409383MasterAdvancedWCSC
Cody TurmelKamloops, BC, Canada539727-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
David UnderwoodLumby, BC, Canada299615-Jul-20185802-7988203 Intermediate TS CR GTAdvancedFreedom Flying School
Dan VallieresArmstrong, BC, Canada56001-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Hayden VandenbergHouston, BC, Canada59488-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Helena Antonia Marina (Linda) VerhoevenMission, BC, Canada561516-Jun-20185802-5141833 Intermediate TS GT2 Novice TSFreedom Flying School
Sigrid VermeulenClearwater, BC, Canada297822-Jun-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRCIL, HPAC, OSA, TVSC
Hunter ViatorNanoose Bay, BC, Canada582018-Mar-2018  -BCHPA, HPAC, ISS
Robert A. "Bob" VickarsBurnaby, BC, Canada352824-Jul-20185802-501093
George VodarekWhistler, BC, Canada597220-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Michael VuBurnaby, BC, Canada158621-Mar-2018 Novice WCSC
Dion VukDelta, BC, Canada197511-Feb-20195802-788731 Advanced TS CR T
Chris WagnerPrince George, BC, Canada58652-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Doug WakefieldCoquitlam, BC, Canada322929-May-2018 Intermediate WCSC
Ian WallaceNanaimo, BC, Canada117919-Mar-2018 BeginnerNoviceISS
Benoit WallerVancouver, BC, Canada364630-Oct-20185802-504883 4 Advanced TS CR SIVGrouse Mountain Flying Team, HPAC, WCSC
Kelly WaltersWhistler, BC, Canada583917-May-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Erik WareCourtenay, BC, Canada596217-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Neil WarringtonSquamish, BC, Canada60107-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS SIV 
Scott WatwoodGolden, BC, Canada28823-May-20185802-376503 AdvancedBCHPA
Adrian WeadenKelowna, BC, Canada60111-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Charlie "Rock Star" WebbDuncan, BC, Canada377013-Jan-20195802-501292 AdvancedISS
Alex WedenskyVernon, BC, Canada331628-Oct-20185802-501272 AdvancedFlyBC Airsports Paragliding, OSA
John WestSurrey, BC, Canada60121-Sep-2018  -FlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Samantha WexKelowna, BC, Canada576517-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Brian WhiteChilliwack, BC, Canada56334-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Wade WilkinsVancouver, BC, Canada403126-Sep-2018  NoviceCayoosh Expeditions
Florian WillerFernie, BC, Canada578727-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS 
Robert S. WilsonVictoria, BC, Canada514621-Jul-2018  3 Intermediate TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding
Ian WinterVancouver, BC, Canada583127-Apr-2018  2 Novice
Stephen WodzKelowna, BC, Canada8028-May-2018 325747Intermediate3 Intermediate TS CRParaglide Canada
Tal WolfVancouver, BC, Canada583313-May-2018  2 Novice TS
James WorthWhistler, BC, Canada596823-Sep-2018  2 Novice TS CR 
Andrew WorthingtonRevelstoke, BC, Canada546921-Oct-20185802-514201 4 Advanced TS CR SIV 
Alex YimNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada591421-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS CRFlyBC Airsports Paragliding


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