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NameCity, Province, CountryMem #Mem ExpiresHAGAR #HG RatingPG RatingClub
Simon ArchambaultSaint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc, Canada387426-Jun-20185802-907830Novice CVLY
Armando BalmoriGranby, Qc, Canada436516-Jul-20185802-9208404 Advanced TS CR GT AT2 Novice TS CRCVLY
Mark BalukToronto, On, Canada55716-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR TAir Vision Adventures ltd., CVLY, HPAC
Gilles BernardSt-Eustache, Qc, Canada73919-Jun-20185802-91863642 Novice TSCVLY
Mathieu BérubéMontreal, Qc, Canada402617-Aug-2018 -NoviceCVLY
Philippe "Philou" BoucherChambly, Qc, Canada43311-Nov-2018  NoviceCVLY
Pierre BoyerMontreal, Qc, Canada433017-Jan-2019PA731743 NoviceCVLY
Andre CoteMontreal, Qc, Canada375316-Mar-20195802-920864 NoviceCVLY
Stephane DelislePointe-Calumet, Qc, Canada464918-Aug-2018 Novice AT CVLY
Josée DelormeMontreal, Qc, Canada356323-Jun-20185802-905253 NoviceCVLY, HPAC, Voiles Quatre Saisons
Normand Di DomenicoGranby, Qc, Canada131319-May-20185802-729754AdvancedAdvancedCVLY
Bastien DufourSt-Pie, Qc, Canada357511-Aug-2018  NoviceCVLY
Catherine GagnonSt Paul d'Abbotsford, Qc, Canada39587-Sep-20185802-913180Intermediate AQVL, CVLY, DVL, HPAC
Frederic GauvinLaval, Qc, Canada253630-Jun-20185802-738641AdvancedNoviceAQVL, Club de remorqué, Air Loisir, CVLY, DVL, HPAC
Marc-André GendronSaint-Eustache, Qc, Canada581524-Dec-2018AA129594 2 Novice TS CRCVLY
Francoise GoudreauSaint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Qc, Canada222213-Apr-2019  NoviceCVLY, DVL
Lise GoyetteGranby, Qc, Canada196717-May-2018  NoviceCVLY
Denis LaferriereMontreal, Qc, Canada453317-Feb-20195802-920088 NoviceCVLY
Vincent LaliberteSaint-Basile-le-Grand, Qc, Canada307517-May-2018336101- CVLY
Benjamin LavertuSaint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Qc, Canada581811-Mar-2019  2 Novice TS CRCVLY, DVL
Guillaume LavertuSaint Paul d'Abbotsford, Qc, Canada612817-Mar-2019  1 BeginnerCVLY
Marie-Pierre LavertuSaint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Qc, Canada612617-Mar-2019  1 BeginnerCVLY
Martin LavertuSaint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Qc, Canada222313-Apr-20195802-735032 AdvancedCVLY, DVL
Miouki LavertuSaint Paul d'Abbotsford, Qc, Canada612717-Mar-2019  1 BeginnerCVLY
Daniel LavigneBlainville, Qc, Canada96221-May-20185802-900336Advanced AQVL, CVLY
Eric NyssenOka, Qc, Canada306111-Jun-20185802-916028 AdvancedCVLY
Martin PoirierSt-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Qc, Canada174222-Aug-2018 NoviceNoviceCVLY
Irena PurschkeMontreal, Qc, Canada509828-Jun-2018  2 Novice TS CRCVLY, DVL
Marc-Andre RatheSt-Cesaire, Qc, Canada576913-Aug-2018 2 Novice TS CR CVLY
Patrick RenaudSt-Simon, Qc, Canada433818-May-2019  3 Intermediate TS CRCVLY
Luis SocorroMontreal, Qc, Canada53307-Feb-2019  2 Novice TS CRCVLY
Michel SolomonAbbotsford, Qc, Canada112730-Apr-20195802-389713AdvancedIntermediateCVLY
Gabriel TalbotSt-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Qc, Canada25321-Apr-20185882-3892784A CVLY
Jean - Pierre ZaniratoChambly, Qc, Cvly40389-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS CR TCVLY


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