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NameCity, Province, CountryMem #Mem ExpiresHAGAR #HG RatingPG RatingClub
David AubreyRevelstoke, BC, Canada400131-Aug-2018  2 Novice TS CR T SIVAHPGC
Jeff BellisRevelstoke, BC, Canada364523-May-2018  IntermediateAHPGC, OSA, RSC
Andrew BirdCranbrook, BC, Canada478010-Jul-2018  NoviceAHPGC
Duncan BrowningCobble Hill, BC, Canada512916-Oct-2018  2 Novice TS CRAHPGC, ISS
Trevor CarterGolden, BC, Canada479916-May-2018  NoviceAHPGC
Ron ClarkFernie, BC, Canada42814-Jan-2018  NoviceAHPGC, OSA, Paraglide Canada
Yannick DupontInvermere, BC, Canada497023-Mar-2018  2 Novice TSAHPGC
Craig EllisRevelstoke, BC, Canada45696-Oct-20185802-514167 4 Advanced TS CR SIVAHPGC, OSA, RSC
Mark ElsdonNelson, BC, Canada51814-Apr-2018 2 Novice TS CR2 Novice TS CRAHPGC
Aaron GervaisCranbrook, BC, Canada56298-Jul-2018  2 Novice TS SIVAHPGC, BCHPA, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, HPAC, KPGA
Kaylyn GervaisCranbrook, BC, Canada498512-Oct-20185802-445639 3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVAHPGC, BCHPA, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, HPAC
Bernard HeuvelmanGolden, BC, Canada25782-May-2018  NoviceAHPGC
Cooper HorningWindermere, BC, Canada526823-Feb-2018  2 Novice TSAHPGC, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society
Kevin HyllestadRevelstoke, BC, Canada53293-Feb-20185802-512617 4 Advanced TS CR T SIVAHPGC, OSA, RSC
David KimberGolden, BC, Canada393721-Feb-2018 - AHPGC
Joaquin KleinYmir, BC, Canada325719-Apr-20185802-799171 AdvancedAHPGC
Peter MacLarenGolden, BC, Canada27330-Jun-20185802-786360 AdvancedAHPGC
Joseph "treehugger" MatthewsSilverton, BC, Canada423313-Dec-2017  NoviceAHPGC
James Laughlin McGilveryInvermere, BC, Canada317711-Aug-2018  1 BeginnerAHPGC
Timmy MiddlemissGolden, BC, Canada328428-Mar-20185802-477118Advanced AHPGC, Muller Wind Sports Ltd.
Simon MitchellNelson, BC, Canada101716-Feb-2018 Intermediate (4 pending HAGAR) AHPGC
Bradley J. "dingo" MurphyRevelstoke, BC, Canada31368-Sep-20185802-797554 Advanced TS CR SIVAHPGC
Julie NevilleInvermere, BC, Canada499230-May-2018  2 Novice TSAHPGC, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society
Rob RaeYmir, BC, Canada170830-Mar-20185802-789427 AdvancedAHPGC
Jeff RelphGolden, BC, Canada481015-Aug-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVAHPGC
Dwayne StringerInvermere, BC, Canada48633-May-2018  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVAHPGC, Columbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society
Hugo TschurtschenthalerGolden, BC, Canada21368-Sep-20185802-471974 AdvancedAHPGC


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